View Full Version : Onto my next batch of Nitrean!

11-18-2009, 02:37 PM
So just finished my second 2.2lb tub of Nitrean and just ordered another 2.2 jug for before bed mix. Now that I'm back in full swing of my routine (this past summer was so depressing and hard for me and my family I had no time to lift) I am losing fat and maintaining my weight right around 225-230 (water weight mostly) but I do notice muscle is forming and my traps are getting huge! Very psyched.

I ordered some discounted Cherry Results and Fish Oil to try this time around w/ the Nitrean. I plan I drinking the Results after workout (should I before workout instead of after?) with a half scoop of Strawberry Nitrean to mellow the cherry taste a bit. Then at night before bed I plan on drinking a Nitrean shake with 1% milk. Not to mention I still half a bottle of Thermocin left to get through! I'm psyched at the way my physique is taking shape and it keeps me motivated to no end.

I again and again cannot thank AtLarge Nutrition enough for all of the completely awesome products they put out. I look back at pictures from a year and a half ago and cannot believe I was THAT fat. I started taking Thermocin last December at a starting weight of 276, by this past April I was down to 230-235 and now I'm plateauing at 220-225 but see fat shedding off and muscle packing on. Very pleased with AtLarge and there amazingly fast shipping.

My writing professor here at college also got the Thermocin recommendation from me and is anxious to try it as he has been gaining weight recently and wants to lose his remaining fat.

Thanks guys!

chris mason
11-18-2009, 08:01 PM
Thank you for your compliments!

Be sure to take RESULTS daily, and not just on training days. Also be sure to account for its 320 calories.