View Full Version : is there a difference between different protiens?

11-21-2009, 09:08 PM
just wondering if there is a difference between all the many
different types of proteins. i mean, when i look around at
stores, i see 300-5lbs jars that range from 15 bucks
to 50 bucks. some saying they have iso this, while
others say they have pure protein, and then whey,
soy, vegan and bunch of other random stuff.

in the end, the proteins we get from chicken/beef/fish
etc, are they they same as stuff you buy as supplements?

what are the differences, if any? what wins over the other,
if any.

i mean, i notice some of the products give you a lot of
protein with hardly any fats/carbs/calories. and then
there are others that are loaded with thousands of calories,
tons of fats, sugar, carbs, sodium and tons of other stuff...

so i guess my question is, 'do you get what you paid for'?
do 'better' protein really have to cost a lot?

12-31-2009, 06:31 AM
There is a difference. It is best to get ones nutrition from whole unprocessed foods, but sometimes the high protein content required (or desired) while on a training program is too much for a person to easily get from only foods. Protein powders allow you to more easily control this intake, and there is variability in the quality and digestibility of them.