View Full Version : Simple and wonderful thanksgiving story

Morgan McPherson
11-27-2009, 10:41 AM
I was talking to my wife's cousin yesterday at the Thanksgiving party. He is a cool guy and I like him. (He is into martial arts and has a full Japanese sleeve, so that goes a long way in my book.) He told me with pride that he had just been made manager of his own 24hr fitness. He has been working for the company for several years and I guess this is a big deal. I thought "that's cool, I hate 24hr, but he is succeeding and that is nice to hear." Later when we were getting ready to eat he drops this wonderful bomb. "Your never going to believe this, but I did one of those deadlifts the other day. For the first time." At first I was thinking "no f***ing way!" And I asked him what he had been doing before. He said that "functional strength stuff. Step ups with dumbell presses, the stability ball, and lots of core work." Later when we were watching TV I asked, (just to make sure) "so that was the FIRST time you have EVER deadlifted." And he responds "ya." This absolutely blows my freaking mind. I understand that 24hr is a business, and that you have to be a competent business person to run it. But that is like a virgin running a whore house. No wonder I hate working out there.

11-27-2009, 11:13 AM
That is hilarious but not really surprising. Watching the trainer at my gym try to teach a dude to squat is nerve wrecking to say the least.