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04-29-2002, 11:21 AM
Ok here goes, I am going to post my training and diet log. I am starting a new routine this week, and gonna post the results. The routine is a modified version of the first routine in Keys To Progress by John McCallum. Paul gave me some good inight (thx Paul) and I think I might have a routine that is going to give my a nice solid base of strenght and conditiong before I go to a more traditional bodybuilding split.

Here is the routine to be performed on Tuesday and Thursday.

Standing behind the neck push press 2X8
Flat Bench Press 2X8
Squats 2X15
Chins 2X8
Bentover Barbell Rows 2X8
Rack Pulls from 5 inches below knees 2X6

and that is it. All sets are to be very intense and pushed hard, but not to failure. The main focus of this program is the squats, but progression on all lifts is the goal. At times I may decrease the reps to 6 and progress to 8 before increasing the weight. weight to I am also incorporating an active rest day, or speed day if you will on Saturday. Poundages will be much lower at about 50% of my 1rm of my lifts. The goal here is to move the weight as fast as possible while maintain perfect form. Very controlled on the way down, small pause, and explode up with the weight. Satudays workout:

Standing behind the neck press 6X3 reps
Flat barbell bench 6X3
Squat 6X3
and a clean (hang or power)to be determined 6X3

and that is all. Set here will be with very little rest inbetween them and as I mentioned earlier perfect form with explosive ness will be used.

The will be my training system for at leats 8-12 weeks possibly longer as long as I am progressing. I think this program will really improve my strength, condintioning, form, and may even add a little mass if total calories stay high enough, which leads me to diet.

Eat as much clean food as possible. I need to focus more on carbs than on protein, as I usually eat an adequate amount of protein for my size, and usaully skimp on the carbs which lowers my overall calories, and I does give me the anabolic benifti of carbs. I will try to update daily, and update all varibles that may affect my training(stress, work, school, sleep).

So good luck, and untill tommorrow


04-30-2002, 11:09 AM

Diet yesterday was poor, tired from moving into an apartment all weekend so took a 2 hour nap and didn't leave enough time to eat.


*Standing BTN press 110X8/115X8
These were pretty easy so I will up the pounds on thurs.
*Bench 165X8/175X6
Going to start with 175 next workout and work till I get 8 reps
*Squat 145X15/150X11
NO laughing, I'm still trying to find a "groove" on the sqaut. At 6'1'' I have pretty long legs so leverage isn't exactely in my favor.
I did as many as I could with a palms forward, then facing grip, and then pulldown with 120 with a wide, palms facing grip.
*Rows 105X10/115X8
I am really concentrating on form and contraction on these.
*Rack pulls 225X6/285X6
These will be upped next workout. Goal on these is to be able to use 275/315 on sets, and then I will drop the pins a notch and work back up.

That is it. All in all not a bad workout. Water and food were both low this weekend, so it was better than expected. This is all I have for now.

04-30-2002, 10:00 PM
Welcome to the journals. :thumbup:

05-02-2002, 03:30 PM
well, another pretty good training session. Here is the breakdown:

*Standing BTN press 115X8/115X8
These are getting very easy, probably gonna make the jump to 120/130 next week.
*Bench 175X8/175X6.5
This is actually surprising since bench has always been my worst lift. gonna
*Squat 155X8/155X13
I found that my stance was actually too wide. I am 6'1'' and a wide stance killed my hips/glutes. I went to a narrow stance at slightly wider than shoulder with, and bam no more hip/glute pain. I could go lower and the I was much stronger. I could have gotten more reps but I didn't rest long after the first set.
*Pulldowns 120X8/130X6
I have decided to drop chins and focus on pulldowns for a time increase my general strength. Currently my chin form is terrible as I weigh about 195 and have terrible upper back/lat strength due to an old shoulder injury. When I feel I can do chins with good form I will resume them.
*Bent over rows 115X8/115X8
These again I am really focuses on form and contraction to work traps and rhomboids.
*Rack Pulls 245X6/295X6
Traps and low back were shot after these. I had no problem with these sets so they will also jump up next week.

weight was 194, up 6 pounds since I started eating correctly last week. My bf is somewhere around 12-14%. I am pretty much an ectomorph build so bf was never a problem and once I start eating 6-7 meals a day my metabolism is sky high. My goal is to get back to around 210 at about 8-9% which is were I was before a nasty bought with shoulder impingement.
And that is all.