View Full Version : Want to trade Squat Rack for Power Rack

12-13-2009, 11:46 AM
Hey! This is Buddy McKee / Alabama. I have a BodyMasters Squat Rack (very heavy duty). It sells for over $1000 new. It has the safety bars at the bottom, steeply sloped sides with heavy stainless pegs for different height squatter, and approx. one foot top shelve for the bar for standing presses etc. It has 5 plate pins on each side to store plate and have them handy to squat. I'm looking to acquire a monolift to squat in so I need a power rack more. If anyone has a heavy duty power rack (squat lockouts with 1000+)they'd like to trade for the squat rack let me know. I'll deliver the squat rack and pick up the power rack if it's within 300+- miles of Gadsden Al.
Contact me at mastermonster@comcast.net or call 256-613-2753 Thanks!