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12-15-2009, 07:01 PM
Ive lurked for awhile, asked a few questions hear and there, spent time on other boards. I think I need to start a journal on here.

Im not a beginner, but I have not learned all that I should know for my years training. Ive trained for over 20 years but not very well. I did what most did and never worried about weather it was right for me. I also never cared what I ate. So I gained up to 205lbs at maybe 25 to 30% fat with no strength gains for the 8 or 9 years that I flopped about. Once all was said and done, I had no real strength left.

For the past 6 years or so Ive been working on losing weight and fat. Started lifting again. Ive been pretty clean with my diet for the last full year. Been using some routines for about 8 weeks, resting for 2 and going on a different routine over this past year. I have learned quite a bit.

I had been doing a full body 3 times a week. Seemed good but has not produced the results. Did mostly compounds. Squats, DL, pull ups, rows, bench, shrug, curls, tricep extensions, over head press, lateral raise. Not all at once, but I had a workout A then a B workout I did like, A,B,A then B,A,B and so on.

My choice of a new routine to start will be for hypertrophy mostly. I will work out 2 days on, one off, 2 days on, weekend off. Repeat. Reps will be in the 6 to 12 range. Sets to be determined. Cals will be around 2200 to 2400 with macros of 45c 20f 35p. Still want to focus on compounds and alternate exercises on each 2 day on.

I ended a cut in mid summer at 135 @ around 12 to 15% BF.
Im on bulk right now, although I have gotten sloppy. Too much body fat. Im around 18 to 20% im sure. Added 2 inches to waist, but hardly anything to chest, arms and such.

Any ideas that will help me to design a good program?

12-15-2009, 09:39 PM
Height 5'2"

Date weight neck chest waist bi flexed forearm thigh calf wrist
11/2003 205 46+
11/2004 150 (had bf measured via caliper at free health screening to be 16%)
10/2006 165 15 40 42 14 12 6.5
7/2008 150 39 38 14.5 11.5 22.5
11/2008 142 14.5 39 36 14.5 12
3/2009 138 14 38 36 14 12 21 14 6.5
4/2009 138 14 38 35.5 14 12 21 14 6.5
5/18/09 137 14.5 38 35 14 12 22 14 6.5

Best from this past summers cut. BW 135
waist 34.5
hips 37
thigh 21.5
calf 13.5
chest 38
neck 14.5
arm 13uf 14f
forearm 11.5uf 12f
calculated bf between 13.5 and 17% (I can just see hint of two top abs)

My goals are (unflexed)

Goal current
Chest 42 inches 38.5
Waist 29 inches 36
Hip 36 inches 38
Bicep 15 inches 13.25
Forearm 12 inches 12
Thigh 22 inches 22.5
Calve 14 inches 14
Neck 16 inches 15

01-19-2010, 05:19 PM
Had situation in family. All ok now. Missed some workouts. Diet not spot on, but im working on it.

current weight 150.

Workout so far:
Day 1: Chest, back, Arm
Lifts. Reps, weight, sets Not including warm ups.
Pull up 7x155x2
T-Bar row 8x80x3
dips 8x155x2
CloseGrip tricep BP 8x115x1
DB Inc bicep curl 8x26x2

DAY 2 Legs, shoulders, neck

Squat 7x155x2
Single leg curl 8x2platesx1
DB OHpress 9x26x2
DB Shrug 8x67x2

Any glaring issues???

01-20-2010, 04:17 AM
G'day EB,

Why not have a crack at a pre-made routine mate? That way you know a lot of thought and research has gone in to it and they've often been tested by a number of people. What are your goals?

As far as routines go, 5/3/1 or one of the WBB routines have been used and progressed on by a variety of people on this site.

01-20-2010, 08:44 AM
I have tried the HST routine twice during a cut and a maintain. I cant say I saw the results I wanted but I did see results. I did loose fat and did not loose my then current mass. I did want to gain more muscle mass but did not see that at that time. May have been the fact that I was in a cut and a maintain during summer. I will need to look into the WBB routines again. I am allowing myself to bulk some, but the diet did get sloppy for a bit. Im cleaning up again though. I did look into those a while back, but something about them did not mesh with me at that time. I will look into those again though. I dont think I have read about the 5/3/1 although Ive seen it mentioned here on this board. Im thinking about revamping my routine in the next few weeks anyway. I will look into those.

01-20-2010, 04:19 PM
I looked at the 5/3/1 but im not to hip on it. I will look more into the WBB routines next and see if I like them.

02-02-2010, 04:11 PM
What I decided to do was like what I have seen as a 3 day full body split. I will do a PUSH-PULL-LOWER plan.

Day 1 push
bench, cgbp(tricep), dboh press

1st workout went well. 3 work sets except 2 on cgbp. Stayed in the 7 to 9 rep range. Went all out.

Results were major pumps. I have not had pumps like that in a while. Looking forward to more.

05-26-2010, 01:45 PM
Been out for awhile, but still training. I did 2 weeks of Lyle mcdonald RFL. Too strict. Had to stop at the 2 week break. Was going to pick back up with a low to mod carb, high protein/fat type diet to see me on through my recomp. Had family health issues that took me away from being spot on with diet. My choice though. I could have eaten better.

I just started a high protein/fat very low carb keto type diet. During my RFL diet, my lifts started getting better. They have continued to progress for the past month or so. I also changed my training a few times. Was 3x full body. Then went 1x full body split over 3 days. Now I do a full body 2x per week with no split. Looks to be working well.

Here is my staple lifts and how they have progressed over the weeks. Each workout is with 2 to 3 work sets. My 8 rep and 5 rep lifts have went up quite a bit in a month or so. Just started once I went on the RFL diet with higher fat and protein. Even after the RFL, I ate more fat and protein than the carbs, but just in a more normal way, less carb than on my bulk, but more than a keto type diet.

Jan-10 L.March 2010 E. April L. April E. May L May
squat 155x7 145x12/150x8 155x8/165x8 170x8 180x5 200x5

RDL 155x9 155x8/160x5 170x8 180x5 200x5

bench 155x7 135x12/145x8 155x8/160x8 170x8 180x5 190x5

cgbp 115x8 95x12 120x8 125x7 130x5 135x6

tbar row 80x8 60x12 90x5 100x6

dbohp 27x8 20x12/25x8 28x8/30x8 30x8 33x5 35x8

Pullup assisted 150x8

05-27-2010, 12:19 PM
Great workout last night. I stayed with the last sessions poundage, sets and reps. Tried to be explosive and maintain form.

Food was lots. I hit at least 2000 to 2200 cal. I really need to stay around 1500 for a cut effect. Staying keto for the 4th day. Only 33 carbs yesterday which includes carbs from veggies and the meats as well as a 20g shot for my post workout shake.

I did notice a little dizzieness yesterday around 2 ish in the afternoon. I had done steady state cardio during lunch. I have done the ss cardio for 3 days now.

Today, using less food to keep calories down. I did ss cardio by walking on our riverwalk. I left my shooes at home so I changed into my shorts and walked barefoot on the grass. Note to self, my feet are not that tough. Trying to keep a blister from popping up now. Bats.

05-27-2010, 12:23 PM
After looking at some past fitday entries, it looks like if I keep carbs at or below 30% of 1800 to 2000 cal, I do fine. More than that just adds fat. When trying to bulk this past winter, one of my stepings had me at 2000 to 2200 cal and 48% carb. I noticed at that time I felt bloated, gassy and was adding size to my waistline weekly.

06-07-2010, 10:31 AM
workout went well last night. It was a late workout though. Did not start untill 9:30pm and I did not finish untill 11:00 pm. Had to drink my protein carb smoothie, hand out for about 45 min and went to bet. I sweated big time during sleep though.

Lifts were this:

squat 205x5x1 205x4x1 form not the best
RDL 205x5x2
shrug 205x6x3 alt grip
bench 195x5x2
CGBP 125x8x1
Tbar row 100x8x3 moving up in reps. Dont have any weight to add
DBOHP 20x8x2 Shoulders very tired. Did not feel in the groove with the 35s so to not risk injury, I kept weight low
Chins body weight assisted. Used bicep and upper lat
Hammer curl 20x10x2

I was no carb keto for 2 weeks. Do not like it. Added carbs in during weekend. Feel much better. Will stay low to mod carb.

06-28-2010, 04:25 PM
I did not realize it had been as long as it has been since an update. Im still lifting well. I have since moved out of the 5s and after a week off I have moved to a mix. 3x per week full body. day 1 will be 5s, day 2 will be 10s with some different exercises. day 3 will be 10 to 15 with different exercises.

Day 1
squat 155 10x2
RDL 155 x 10x2
shrug 155 x 10x 2
bench 145 x10x2
CGBP 115 x 10x2
pull ups bw x10x2
DBOHP 30 x 10x1
db curl 20x12x2

day 2
lunge bwx12x1 bw+40x12x1
chin med grip assisted bwx12x2
RDL 115x15x2
inc press 115x15x2
db upright row 20x15x1
bent over db lateral raise 10x10x1

Day 3
no legs. sore from day 2 workout
pull ups bw x10x2 assisted
chins byx10x2 assisted

New week.
Day 1 heavy
dead lift 205x5x3
bench press 200x5x1 too much 190x5x2
db ohp 33x5x3
cgbp 135x5x3
cg chin bwx8x2
No lat work. Sore from last week day 3 workout.

Diet is around 40 30 30 c p f give or take a few. 2000 to 2200 cal. Holding at 150 still.

08-11-2010, 03:53 PM
Oops, I have not updated

Im in the 3rd week of the chad waterbury program for hypertrophy. 3 day per week full body, day 1, 5 reps x3, day 2, 8 reps x 3, day 3, 15 reps x 2

week 1 regular
week 2 antagonist (superset)
week 3 regular
week4 antagonist

Been on vacations a lot. I missed most of the 3rd week so Im keeping it like it was and saying im still in the 3rd week.

Workout day 2 8 rep by 3 antagonist

Front squat 135x8x3
RDL 155x8x3

Dips BWx8x3
Shrug 165x8x3

Tbar Row 95x8x3
Arnold press 20x8x3 (a little light)

Bicep chinup BWx8x3 (needed a little assistance)
Rev curl DB 20x8x3 (needed to cheat a tad)

Keeping meals right I do believe. 1900 cal on mon with a 40 30,30 cpf ratio. Tues I knew that I would miss a meal during the day so I had 2 meals combined into one. 6oz salmon, 1/2 cup rice brown, peppers and onions. Really good but had the farts bad. It just seems that when I do more than 1/4 cup rice at a meal it blows me up. I did have icecream about 3:30pm. Kids first day of school. I did not keep track after that but I had at least 2200 cal if not more. Wed Im keeping it in check (diet wise)

I bought a cool used icarian flat/incline bench as well. I found a killer deal on craigs list. Also got a hookup for maybe more of this equipment from a closed gym.

08-23-2010, 03:34 PM
week 3
squat 210x5x4
RDL 210x5x4
shrug 195x5x4
bench 205x5x1 195x5x1 195x3x1 feel like im losing strength here

pull ups bw x5x4
DBOHP 38 x 5x4


Front squat 135x8x3
RDL 155x8x3

Dips BWx8x3
Shrug 165x8x3

Tbar Row 95x8x3
Arnold press 20x8x3 (a little light)

Bicep chinup BWx8x3 (needed a little assistance)
Rev curl DB 20x8x3 (needed to cheat a tad)


Lunge 45x15x3
RDL 150x15x3
Incline press 100x15x3
lat cable pulldown 90x15x3
DB lateral raise 10x15x3
tricep rope pressdown 20x15x3
DB curl 20x15x3 last 2 sets felt heavy
shrug 150x15x2 150x12x1 grip gave out

Got between 1900 and 2100 cal on most days 40 30 30 to 40 25 30 C P F ratio

Been using BCAA before and after any HIIT and lifting sessions. Did HIIT 3 times this past week.

08-23-2010, 03:41 PM
week 4 antagonist week

Day 1 (sun)

squat 210x5x4
pull ups bw x5x4

bench 195x5x1 185x5x2 185x4x1 feel like im losing strength here. Right elbow joint bicep tendonitous
DBOHP 39 x 5x3 39 x 3x1 gave out

RDL 210x5x4
shrug 210x5x4

Did not keep track of calories during fri, sat, sun.