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12-25-2009, 12:53 AM
its christmas eve o9' and this would be as great a day as any to start this

im 5'10 200 pounds even @ 15 percent, 375/265/410

short term goals are 455/315/485 @ 12 percent Body Fat

im an endomorph, i grow fast but cutting is a problem

my diet is a constant 3000 calories (bulked liked crazy today @ 4800 calories)

my next workout is the 26th tommorow is mobility work and stretching

then Back workouts im excited [=

12-25-2009, 11:45 PM
so i bought a box of quaker oats weight loss to keep me satisfied throughout the holidays and keep me from eating too much during dinner

well that box didnt even make it to lunch lol, damn that was a pointless 1200 calories i could have spent on cheesecake

yesterday i ate around 4900 and today my rough estimate is about 5500

tommorow i will be tearing up weights! and two days away from the gym leaves no excuse

merry christmas 2009 [:

12-26-2009, 07:39 PM
had a prettty good workout !
i think my pre workout supp is doing its job too well tho..
by that i mean despite the high volume and intensity i felt as if i could do more

Box Back squat 275x8 295x6 315x5 335x2 365x2
Platform Snatch grip Deadlift 135x8 155x8 185x8 205x6 225x6
DB incline Press 40x15 85x12 90x12 95x10 100x10
uppright row ss [w/ bent over lateral @ 15's x10] 95x10 105x10 115x8 125x8
Pull up Bwx4x8
Dip BW 15, 12, 12, 10
Incline curls 20x10 25x10 35x7 35x6
Cable Crunch 80x12 85x12 90 x12

20 minutes on the stair climber @ level 4 - 180 calories [:

12-26-2009, 09:15 PM
damn that was a pointless 1200 calories i could have spent on cheesecake[:

That's got to be the quote of the week right there. :nod:

12-28-2009, 04:49 PM
That's got to be the quote of the week right there. :nod:

haha nice yeah it never really goes as planned but thank god i love a good bowl of oatmeal > cheescake !

12-28-2009, 04:54 PM
trying to swithch things up this week and well see how i like it;

my workout consists of a 3 day split of full body workouts

6 total workouts, each 3-4 sets but different intensity/volume each day

day1: Heavy **** with low volume
day2: Hypertrophy, generally 50 total reps per exercise (ie: deadlift @ 205x50 reps)
day3: isolation with high volume low intensity
day4: Rest day and then Repeat [:

i started a new diet today as well keeping it simple;
1 gram of carb per pound of lean body weight @ 170/day and 300 grams protein 2500 calories total

started weighing out and preparing food ahead of time

okay enough typing time to hit day 3 and **** **** up

12-28-2009, 11:26 PM
wierd how when i started preparing my meals before hand i suddenly get super dedicated and my bottomless appetie went missing?

im 5 meals down with 2 to go and i dont feel i can stuff it down and it is already 930pm... im only at 2100 calories far below my goal

anyways pretty damn good workout today! bought a new watch with a big second timer and i never let myself rest more than 30 seconds between each set, good overall pump

tommorow is rest day but well see i think i have a date with the stairclimber :moon:

12-31-2009, 04:09 AM
good worjout today!

just felt like a good instinctual upper body exercise, low weight high volume

really looking for the pump with various moves i have not done before

talk about muscle confusion.. today was also a low day 60/200/315

good night and happy new years eve!

tommorow is together as one @ LA sports arena im beyond excited

01-10-2010, 12:35 AM
its been a few days. second week in my 62/170/300 diet and im down to 198.2 lbs

been doing cardio for 30 minutes steady state for the past week doing well making progress

notable lifts; deadlifted 405x2 yesterday (back) and repped dumbell incline press 105x8 today (chest)

off day tommorow and im aiming on going no carbs, had a high carb day last night with some alcohol

do werk!


01-11-2010, 05:43 PM
good leg workout today! focused on volume and form..

did smith machine back squats up to 295x6 buried it deep in the hole
then some zercher sqats worked up to 165x8
stiff deadlift to 275x6
some hack squats and leg presses and a bit of leg extensions

total w/o length was about 2 hours and then did 30 min steady state cardio

01-12-2010, 09:54 PM
today i hit the threshold a popular indoor rock climbing and bouldering spot

kicked my ASS !!!

i call this a core, back, forearm and grip day LOL

had a bit more carbs than the usual day, still sore from legs the day before

01-13-2010, 07:06 PM
dragged my ass to te gym today!

took a while to get me going had an okay workout

shoulders today notable lift was push press 205x6

and did steady state cardo for 2.5mph for 50 minutes

better than nothing!

also ate 2 pieces of small fruit over my diet cuz im havn really low energy levels.

01-15-2010, 12:41 AM
today was ARMS! did a few supersets and got a decent pump enought to comfortably say i did work

but i dont like comfortable... did some cardio for about 30 minutes

but i did do some shoveling before the gym, made a driveway by hand prlly why i was low energy

off day tommorow, progress is pretty well im not gna lie well see how this cycle goes (:


01-15-2010, 12:52 PM
today is an off day its friday 01/15/2010

judging by my measurements i am currently 199 LBS @ 17 % BF

going low carb today for the last two were on the high side.. long ways to go

01-17-2010, 02:18 AM
its saturday night and another off day spent time with family cheated on my diet @ the buffet;

January 16th - 4500 to 5000 calories 150fat/440carbs/420protein with 95grams fiber

even more determined to hit the weights hard and focus on my diet..

01-17-2010, 11:17 AM
here is me at 199 pounds on my lat progress pic session (1/15/2010) @ 17% body fat



01-17-2010, 05:00 PM
just had a good back workout its 1/17/2010

hit a PR on the deadlift 405x3 and then 425 LBS (:

did 30 minute steady state afterwards on the treadmill


im really not enjoying the belly bloat and feeling of fatness after my cheat :drooling:

focus and stay on my diet please

01-18-2010, 01:59 AM

Meal 1: 5 Eggs + 1 cup green vegetables

Meal 2/5: 1.5 scoop Whey + 2tbsp PB + Wheat Bran

Meal 3: 3 Eggs + Tuna + 1 Cup Green Vegetables

Meal 4/6: 50g Meat Protein + tsp Olive oil + 1 Cup Green Vegetables

TOTALS: 2200 Calories @ 105/42/272

- White Flood
- Multivitamin
- 3 Fish oil Caps
- 5HTP
- Creatine Monohydrate
- Glutamine


MEAL #1 5 whole eggs (OMEGA-3 EGGS ); add another 4 egg whites to this

MEAL #2 SHAKE: 50g Whey Protein with 1 ? tablespoon of All Natural Peanut butter (no sugar)....

MEAL #3 "Lean Protein Meal": 8oz chicken with 1/3-cup cashew nuts (almonds, or walnuts)

MEAL #4 SHAKE: 50g Whey Protein with 1 ? tablespoons of All Natural Peanut butter (no sugar added

MEAL #5 "Fatty Protein Meal": 8oz Salmon, Swordfish, or RED MEAT with a green salad (no tomatoes, carrots, or red peppers) with 1 tablespoon of Olive Oil or Macadamia nut oil and vinegar..

MEAL #6 SHAKE: 50g Whey with 1 ? tablespoon all natural peanut butter or 4 whole (Omega-3) eggs and 4 extra whites..

and another sample: (I use this one)

MEAL #1 6 whole eggs (OMEGA-3 EGGS )

MEAL #2 SHAKE: 50g Whey Protein with 1 tablespoon of All Natural Peanut butter

MEAL #3 "Lean Protein Meal": 8 oz chicken with 1 tb macadamia nut oil

MEAL #4 SHAKE: 50g Whey Protein with 1 tablespoons of All Natural Peanut butter

MEAL #5 6 whole eggs (OMEGA-3 EGGS )

MEAL #6 SHAKE: 50g Whey with 1 tablespoon all natural peanut butter


6 whole eggs (buy the OMEGA-3 EGGS they sell in the supermarket) with 1 cup of Oatmeal (cooked)

MEAL 2: (pre-workout)
SHAKE: 55g Whey Protein** with 40g Waxy Maize*** (high molecular weight carbohydrate) with 1 tablespoon of Macadamia Nut Oil


MEAL 3: (post-workout)
SHAKE: 55g Whey Protein** with 50g Waxy Maize*** (high molecular weight carbohydrate).

"LEAN PROTEIN MEAL" 8oz (cooked) of chicken (or turkey or lean fish or shrimp)-- with cup cashew nuts (or almonds or walnuts) with 1 cup (cooked) RICE (brown)

"FATTY PROTEIN MEAL" 8oz (cooked) of red meat (or salmon or swordfish) with a salad with 2 tablespoon of olive oil (or macadamia nut oil) and vinegar with 1 baked potato and/or yam

MEAL 6: Repeat One of Above

MEAL 7: 5 whole eggs

01-18-2010, 03:57 PM
good workout today! chest moderate intensity and high volume +45 minute LISS on treadmill @ 3mph

worked up to 205 for a few sets on incline bench and then DB bench 100's

few cable chest presses, dips (parallel and bench) then some tricep work

lets get this diet perfect today! motivation level is pretty high (:

note: cardio is starting to feel GOOOOD

progress note; i feel as if im at the same as where ive started

but i have made some PR's soo i think i may have lost fat gained muscle

much too early to tell..

1) time to pic up on the intensity and cardio

2) my diet has definitely been straying from the guidelines.. time to take steps forward !!

01-19-2010, 09:28 PM
rainy day in decided to do a lil bit of cardio on my off day (feeling good)

LISS for 1 Hour on treadmill and did 3.2 miles about 300 calories burned

2nd day of Palumbo diet: i am down from 203.6 ---> 199.6 since sunday morning (its tuesday)

Probably a lot of water weight lost since the cheat/binge

01-20-2010, 10:53 PM
LEG DAY !!! busted my ass here is my workout;

Leg extension - warm up sets
OH BB Squat - up to 165x5
Front Squat - up to 185x8
Stiff Leg Deadlift- up to 225x8
Cal raise Smith - up to 225x12
Hack Squat 3x6x135
Leg Press- up to 10 plates x 10 Narrow

Cardio: 20 minute stair climber

moderate weights as you can see and plenty of volume..
did a lot of stretching and warming up with the roller felt good
felt extremely stiff in the morning and had a hard time getting up
i am 197.2 lbs this morning and 3rd day VERY low carb
energy level is very LOW but still worked as hard as possible

01-22-2010, 12:50 AM
SHOULDERS today! moderate intensity and volume d/t low energy levels

did not want to kill myself and tried to keep it short and sweet with 30 min LISS at the end

notably shoulder pressed 90's DB for 5 reps

4th day on the Polumbo diet and doing well so far from 203.6 - 195.8

feeling good and highly motivated

01-23-2010, 01:05 AM
today was arm day! moderate weight and moderate volume

energy feels good, did some LISS on the stairclimber for 30 minutes PWO

day 5 of the Polumbo diet and progress is good, decreased much of my water weight

diet is on point.

01-24-2010, 09:42 PM
Today was BACK day;

deadlift - worked up to 405x2
pulldown - worked up to 165x12
pullup - BWx3x6
racks/shrugs - 225x8/8x4
bent over BB row - worked up to 195x8
machine row - worked up to 115 per arm
barbell curl - 65x7x3

LISS on treadmill for 30 minutes PWO

energy is low today, had to determine whether to work out or not

its been 6 days on Palumbo diet, should be in KETO soon if not already

01-25-2010, 04:35 PM
update: its monday suppose to be chest day but i feel like taking a day off

i feel really lethargic and bloated..started ALR poison fat burner yday and i think it affected me somhow

and its 7th day on Palumbo diet so combination of low carb and depleted adrenal glands = low energy

weight this morning is 195.6 from 203.6 a week ago

^^^ i actually decided to hit chest today after hitting the gym for cardio sesh

LISS on the stai stepper and then some chest

was not the best workout of my life, pretty LOW energy and intensity

too much stimulants this day, and too little carbs

01-27-2010, 03:11 PM
Today is an off DAy did legs last night;

had low energy and recovery last night, feeling the effects of the diet

and diet kind of broke down, went 1000 calories over my goal

hopefully i man up and stick to the plan..feeling bloated today

02-01-2010, 01:02 AM
i took 4 days off the gym since my energy levels have been plummeting

1/31/2010 had a cheat meal tonight consisting of:

2 cups instant oatmeal
7 slices fiber bread
3 cups soy milk
1 large double chocolate muffin
small slice of cheesecake
1/2 banana

good bye carbohydrates for now see you next week ):