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john o
12-25-2009, 04:06 PM
I have eighteen mos. until I am 40 and currently total approx. 1,270. I am a long time lifter, but, somewhat new to powerlifting; especially deadlifting. I've been reading and trying to come up with a plan on a three day a week program. I'd like to submit my plan for any advice and if my goal is feasible. I currently do a squat day and accessory exercises/rest Me bench plus accessory esp tri's JM's , Tate/rest and a deadlift plus accessories. For benching I work up to heavy triples, squats doubles, and deadlifts singles. Usually about ight sets total for each of the big three and approx twelve sets of accessory work. This worked well, but, I was remiss in incorporating a deload week (will correct) . I will likely continue this program or tweak it for something along the lines of week 1: heavy squats, light Deadlift (lower accessory)/rest/ME bench, tri's/rest/ accessory day esp. Shoulders. The following week I would switch to heavy deadlift, light squat. I switch the lift each week on ME bench, but for squats and deads I do not. I do however add in different exercises such as Bulgarian split squats or straight leg deads. I know how much critique my wkout posts are liked so I am more looking for anything glaring you guys might save me from. THX in advance and Merry Christmas.

12-26-2009, 03:04 PM
Good luck with your goal! If along the way you feel you might be overtraining by having a seperate squat and deadlift day, you might try doing deads at the end of work squats. You are working basically the same muscles and are already warmed up. It really adds to the recovery cycle of the major muscles envolved. If you're making steady gains all around on this I wouldn't change it. But just keep it in mind if you start to feel your central nervous system is getting overwhelmed by the seperate days with the same muscle groups. I train 3 days a week and am almost 54. I've had to do thing like this to allow for enough recovery as I've gotten older. But at only 40 you're still prime PLing age, so you may be able to recover well for some time to come. Just be sure and listen to what your body is telling you. Since you've been training for a while now, you know all about that. Again, good luck!

12-26-2009, 04:50 PM
John o,

A lot of guys here are a lot more qaulified to give advice than me, but.... I'd say your routine looks good but keep in mind PL and general weightlifing are quite a bit different. PL'ing being a lot harder on your CNS and recovery. I totally agree w/ buddy reference to sqauting/ pulling on the same day. Alternate between heavy/ light is the way to go. I generally sqaut every week and DL every other week and it has worked out nicely... As far as sets and reps I started w/ a general linear periodization and then to a 5-3-1 routine. I'm currently doing WSB routine & its done wonders for my BP! DL & Sqt. are moving too, just not as fast...
PL'ing requires a lot of patenice bro... Gotta pay your dues! Keep grinding and you'll be suprised at your strength gains & the amount of weight you can move!!!

Good luck bro,

12-26-2009, 05:57 PM
Good luck with your goals. Like everyone else has said, keep an eye on your CNS. Gotta rest.

As a side note, I didn't bench 400 or squat 500 until I was 40. And I keep adding on.

Give it hell!!!

john o
12-28-2009, 12:40 AM
Thanks for the help and support fellas. I think I will alternate the heavy squat/deadlifts. I've lifted heavy in the past, but, never focusing on all three lifts. In the four or five months I've been powerlifting I can see it's entirely different. I've focused on the squat primaily for a number of years and achieved a total well into the 700's. Bench has never been great and I remember competing with myself for a 405 bench. I got it. The squat was about ten years ago with a much healthier hamstring. (Chronic pulls). If you remember the old EAS program how to increase your bench fifty pounds in twelve weeks; well that's how long ago the bench was I remember it used negatives. That was at aweight of 270. Hopefully, my body remembers and I can learn to make big gains in all three. Thx again.