View Full Version : Chicken Quesadillas

12-26-2009, 06:59 PM
This isn't a 'formal' recipe, it's just something that I make, and think they're great. They're cheap, fast, & dumb health food. You need:

Low fat tortillas
chicken breast
cheese of your choice
seasoning of your choice (I use jalapeno peppers from a jar)

Cut up chicken & cook in the skillet.
While it's cooking, cut up the tomato and set out the tortillas.
Place cooked chicken on one tortilla, then tomato, then cheese, seasoning, etc. Put the second tortilla on top.
Place it all in a large skillet on medium heat. It's easy to burn tortillas, so watch them. 5 minutes is prob enough.
Flip when crispy, do the other side.

Remove from skillet, cut with pizza cutter, eat up. :)