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01-03-2010, 08:49 AM
Age: 18
Weight: 150lb
Height 5ft 11in
Bench: 100lb (pretty new to this, but with dedication and diet I hope this will be the last time I quote how much I can bench)

Did workout regularly for a period in the summer but without dedication to my diet as well as the start of university I fell off the mark in terms of consistency.

Aim: To add some serious muscle mass to my physique as well as lose a bit of a belly I have.

I started my workout yesterday and hope to continue working out three times a week at about 50 minutes at a time.

Workout A: Chest/Back
Workout B: Arms/Shoulders
Workout C: Legs/Core

Please note that compound exercises are included in every workout.

Supplements using: Whey Protein and Green Magnitude Creatine which I will start using next week.

1st workout was chest/back

Some cardio to be done twice a week.

Will log my next workout tomorrow

Diet: 2700-3000 calories per day. 150g of protein per day.
Diet mainly consists of Eggs/Chicken Breast/Wholemeal Bread/Protein Shakes/Milk/Tuna Fish/Steak on the odd occassion/Bacon/Snacks which at times includes cookies/chocolate and on other occassions some fatty foods like chips/pizza

Today is my 1st rest day, pretty sore, looking forward until tomorrow morning 8am at the gym as well as when my creatine arrives mid week.

01-04-2010, 05:16 AM
2nd workout this morning, primary workout was arms and shoulders

Exercises done:
Squat 40kg (4 X 6) One of the 1st times I have tried this, hopefully with each session will add more weight to it.

Dumbell Curl/Shoulder Press (3 X 6) 10kg

Tricep Extension (3 X 8) 14kg

Barbell Bicep Curl (3 X 8) 20kg

Lateral Raise (2 X 6)

Bicep workout on lat machine (3 X 6) 60kg

Tricep workout on lat machine (3 X 6) 25kg

Cooled down with 10 minutes of cardio.

Workout lasted for about 1hr. Followed by protein shake. Creatine has not arrived yet.

Satisfied with this workout. Hopefully will be able to add some more cardio to maintain fitness in next one.

Now following a 2700-3000 calorie diet for today eating 1g of protein for every pound of weight.

Any advice is more than welcome for a beginner like myself.

01-06-2010, 11:22 AM
3rd workout...

Squat 45kg 4 X 6

Bench Press 47.5kg, 4X6

Leg Raise


Reverse Crunches

Good workout today
Starting creatine tomorrow

Arm/Cardio tomorrow

01-09-2010, 10:37 AM
4th workout- 1st with creatine

- Bench Press (52.5kg.)
- Barbell Curl (20kg)
- Dumbell Curl/Shoulder Raise (10kg)
- Tricep Extension (14kg)
- Bicep Pulldown on lat (70kg)
- Shoulder raise machine (40kg)
- 10 minute cardio

Good workout achieved making some gains from last time.

Working legs/core on Monday with hopefully more cardio in the mix, always feel fatigued after weight training to do any effective cardio.

Any tips?