View Full Version : A Complete Transformation

01-04-2010, 12:15 PM
hey guys,

my name is Adam, i'm 18, 5'8", around 137 pounds, and tired of being skinny.
My measurements are as follows:
L+R Bicep: 115in
L +R Calf: 13.5 in
Chest: 34.25 in
Quads: 19.5 in

so this is my journal. i'll be posting daily routines, fitday logs, and, every now and again a few a pictures to update how i'm doing. i'll be doing all of this with the following goal in mind: 30 more pounds of lean muscle by the end of 2010.

please feel free to post advice, criticisms, and, of course, encouragement is always welcome!

thanks for stopping by, and let's get started!