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01-06-2010, 08:06 PM
Haven't had a journal for a while, been working out and holding my diet at maintenance untill a week ago. I was weighing in at 88kg. The plan is to bulk up through these winter months. My goal is to reach 95kg. Lets see what happens.........

Monday - Chest & Tricep
Incline DB press - 32kg 1x8, 36kg 3x6
BW Dips - 3x12
Tricep pushdown - 48u 3x12
Cable overhead pull - 36u 3x12
CGBP - 62kg 3x8

Tuesday - Back & Bicep
Lat pull down 48u 3x12
Wide chins 1x12
BB row 62kg 2x8, 82kg 2x8
DB row 24kg 3x10
Standing DB curls 14kg 3x8
Sitting hammer curls 14kg 3x8