View Full Version : Woo Hoo! We have a monolift!

02-09-2010, 09:57 AM
We have a monolift at the gym now...


02-09-2010, 11:00 AM
that's awesome

02-09-2010, 11:09 AM
Looks nice...Is that safety strap setup adjustable? What all goes into that?

02-09-2010, 12:38 PM
Congrats. I remember when we first got ours. Everyone came to the gym like 45 minutes early just to stare at it lol.

02-09-2010, 01:46 PM
Nice. I'll be at ripped on friday or next squat day to try it out and get comfortable for apr 3rd. You think there will be people there willing to help me out with it? I've never used one. Back when I trained at ripped there was hardly anyone there... This was over half a year ago though.

02-09-2010, 01:55 PM
I'm not usually there on friday, so I'm not sure who would be there to help you. We squat monday nights, we usually start around 5:30 PM or so, you are welcome to squat with us then.

02-09-2010, 03:04 PM
The mono lift is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

02-09-2010, 07:24 PM
Congrats Ox! I'll be glad when I can scavenge enough money to get one here! Hopefully soon! Enjoy it!

02-10-2010, 11:48 PM
The mono lift is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

I agree. With my left ankle and calf, if it wasn't for a monolift, I wouldn't be squatting in competition anymore.