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02-15-2010, 04:05 PM
Looking for recipes for a pork shoulder. Made pulled pork in my slow cooker with one of the shoulders yesterday and was amazing but was curious for other recipes.

02-16-2010, 08:44 AM
My carnitas (http://www.wannabebig.com/forums/showthread.php?133742-Carnitas) thread.

02-20-2010, 10:02 AM
Looks good.

Only one recipe for pork shoulder and 5 pages for acorn recipes????? lol

02-21-2010, 09:08 AM
I do mine in a slow cooker most of the time.

1.5C chicken stock
1/2C apple cider vinegar
1/3C dijon mustard
1T Thyme
2t Cayenne pepper
2t black pepper
1/2t white pepper

Mix all that up, put it in the slow cooker. Score the fat side and rub the shoulder on all sides with kosher salt and put in the liquid with the fat side up. Cook until shoulder reaches an internal temp of 170. Since you're effectively braising the meat, it will just fall completely apart when you try to take it out. Really, really tender.

02-21-2010, 11:23 AM
This is my favorite dish. I took it from Emril Lagasse, and It's always amazed me. Try it out. http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/emeril-lagasse/puerto-rican-style-roasted-pork-shoulder-with-rice-and-black-beans-and-fried-sweet-plantains-recipe/index.html