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02-21-2010, 01:40 AM
firstly hi i have just joined the board.

I am 37years old weighing 200lbs been training for 4 years so pretty new at it been a hard gainer for the last year with a good diet, I have recently run a 12 weel course of test 350 2ml a week and gained well but also carrying a lot of unwanted bodyfat and water.
I am now on week 2 of dave palumbos ckd diet and have gone from 14.5 stone with 26% bf to 13.3stone with 17% bf with plenty of cardio farsted and following my workouts.
Im going to run the ckd for another week or 2 then want to start on a very clean diet to tryand keep the fat at bay and here is where i need some advice from peopkle who know what there doing as i have no nutritionist at my gym to speak to for advice, I have researched diets on the internet and here is what i have come up with;

Breakfast 8am
4 eggs,75g liquid carbs mixed with 30g protein mixed with a banana

50g shake 1tbl spoon olive oil

200g chicken breast,100g pasta,cup green beans

2.30 train

50g shake, 75g liquid carbs 1tbl spoon olive oil

200g sirloin steak, 175g sweet potatoes,cup green beans

50g shake mixed with milk.

cod liver oil x2
flaxseeed oil x2
milk thistle x2
glucosamine x2
eca x2
multivits x2
creatine tabs x6
6 litres of water daily

I train cardio 6 times a week farsted and sometimes following weight training
weight train 4/5 times a week one major muscle group a day for 50 mins followed by a minor for 25 mins

The above diet gives me 300g of protein and 300g of carbs 60g of good fats.
Im in to minds to drop a shake somewhere and supplement with another meal with chicken and salad???
i basically want to bulk with out gaining the dreaded fat again

please have a go at advising as this took me ages to write while burning fat on my bike lol

Travis Bell
02-21-2010, 05:47 AM
I'd drop the cardio personally. If your goal is to gain weight, you're not helping that by using up a lot of calories by doing cardio. Or at least cut it down to about twice a week.

That's a really clean diet, for me, I know i'd start losing weight on it. But you have to keep track of things, if you're gaining weight, then it's working. If not, then you need to probably add some more carbs and fats in there

02-21-2010, 10:55 AM
At your weight, if you are bulking I don't think you need as much protein. Carbs are protein sparing. Regardless, I would up the carbs for bulking, Where's the oatmeal, pasta, and whole grains. Also, I can't imagine a clean bulk without some yummy natural peanut butter. I really don't think a clean bulk has to be too hard. Just keep good whole foods in your house and stay away from eating out. Best of luck with your goals.