View Full Version : Critique on my diet and supplements...

02-28-2010, 07:06 AM
VikingWarlord is right. I thank him for his insight.

I am completely obsessive-compulsive about my diet and it isn't doing any good. I am even working with a consultant who tells me to calm down and be content, but I cannot. I'm here looking for more input and wasting energy.

I went from someone who didn't give a thought to what went into my mouth to someone who literally wrote down every morsel of food and every drop of liquid for 6 months. I think I developed a problem, in doing so.

I am going to try to take at least a week to not worry about what I am eating, to just focus on eating things I know are good for me and things that I like (which I have come to like the good things, anyways).

Thanks for the straight talk, Viking Warlord.

02-28-2010, 10:51 AM
You're way overthinking this and have gone into micromanagement far before that's required. If you're looking to lose that much, it doesn't need to be that complicated until you get to the last 10-15lbs. Seriously, 20 almonds? Do you really break every day at 10am just to eat an apple?

This kind of rigidity is an unhealthy level of obsession that has a really good chance of backfiring on you. It's impractical and psychologically next to impossible to maintain this sort of thing for long. You might feel unsatisfied because you're never eating very much at any one time. You also have zero flexibility to account for, well, life.

These are possible problems you might encounter. You also might not. Any critique anyone can give isn't going to mean anything at all because we don't know your physiology or psychology. Some people might come in and say it's the best diet ever, some might say it sucks ass and you should scrap it and start again. Have you read the stickies? Are you seeing progress doing this? When and how often do you train? How far below observed maintenance is this intake? Have you read the stickies? Why do you take creatine twice a day when 5g a day is generally all that's needed? Have you read the stickies?