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03-28-2010, 09:07 AM
This question was posted during a Q&A with some nutritionists and it wasn't answered. The questions are ones that I have as well. I'll submit the post exactly as it was written by the original poster.

I have a question about carb cycling during a bulk. Say my hardest workout day is a Monday when I do legs, according to the carb cycling plan you mentioned, I should have a high carb day on Monday as well.

My questions:

1.) shouldn't I have high carbs Sunday also, since I will be using Sunday carbs to power my Monday workout?
2.) should most of the carbs on Monday come after my leg workout, taking advantage of the glycogen depletion and subsequent saturation of the PWO nutrition? it would make a difference if the leg workout were AM or PM.
3.) If Monday were a very very heavy leg day, then I would expect to be limping on Tuesday from the soreness!! But what if Tuesday is a low carb day? You mentioned the low carb day would generally be under maintenance as far as calories are concerned. Isn't it a bit counter-intuitive to be eating under maintenance when you're walking around so sore and technically still repairing and growing?