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03-31-2010, 09:09 AM
I'm 27, male, aerospace engineer. I weigh 192lb, 6'0". I've always been tall and lanky, entering college I weighed under 150lbs but between work and other stressors I've managed to pack on 45 pounds. I want to add muscle to my body and get rid of fat which is predominantly on my gut and love handles. I don't need a six pack but I'd like to get rid of the bulges of fat. I sit at a desk all day staring at a computer screen and I have severe chronic migraines. My posture sucks but I have noticed improvements since starting to lift.

I have two young boys (5 and 3) who keep me active. The oldest likes all sports, and the youngest tries to do whatever the oldest does. We are very active, we bicycle, play baseball, soccer, basketball, you name it. I'm a "do it yourself" kind of guy and like to fix up bikes, our cars, and do home improvements. My wife is a roller derby girl and is active herself.

My goals are threefold
1) avoid health problems. My father weight lifted in high school/college and stopped. We have a family history of high blood pressure and migraines. We both tend to be high-stress individuals. Weightlifting helped both the blood pressure and migraines to the point the doctor took him off medication. I'm hoping for the same.
2) stay in shape for my kids. As my kids grow up I want to be an active father. In high school and college I neglected sports (except intramurals) and got into bad shape. I'd like to be in good shape as my kids grow up and set a good example for them and be able to play with them actively.
3) Start a healthy habit, for life. My brother took his life a few months ago and I gained a solid 20 pounds in 2 months just neglecting myself and along with that dealt (and continue to deal) with some mental health problems. I tend to have problems expressing my emotions. Physical outlets like weightlifting and sex are useful channels of emotional release, for me, as I learn to grow as a person.

I have a 300lb olympic weight set and 2 adjustable dumbbells (5-50lb). I also have a bench I got for free... it's a "Marcy" bench and just looking at the welds I'm not sure how much I trust it, but I have used it to bench press, and utilized the lat bar. Upgrading that is a fairly low priority although getting a squat rack is a very high priority for me.

Here's the history
Prior to this year I had never tried weightlifting. I have enjoyed cycling since I was a kid and have spent a lot of time the past two years riding bikes, both aggressively for cardio, and using them to commute to work.

I started weightlifting late January of 2010. I had two adjustable dumbbells (5-50lb) and the book "The New Rules of Lifting". I started doing their "break-in" routine 3 days/week religiously with minor modifications for (lack of) equipment (Monday-Wednesday-Friday).

Routine A
Deadlifts - 2x20
Superset of lunges/rows 2x15
Superset of reverse crunches and pushups 2x15

Routine B
Squats 2x20
Superset of weighted steps/presses 2x15
Superset of reverse crunches and pushups 2x15

Since I only had access to dumbbells I initially tried faking the squats (let my arms hang down with weights and go through the squat motion) but decided that was dumb and replaced squats with deadlifts. A month ago I acquired a set of concrete weights (120lb total) and was able to progress further with deadlifts, although I still avoided squats (lack of spotter at exercise time). Due to lack of equipment my progress stagnated: I knew I could lift more but didn't have the weights. So I did my best with what I had and increased the number of reps and focused on the more difficult exercises like dumbbell rows and presses.

Finally last week I invested in a 300lb Olympic weight set. This was excellent because I was able to make some huge "gains" just by being able to lift to my potential. I went from deadlifting 120lb three weeks ago (2x15) to 210 (2x12) last night. I started squatting, utilizing my wife as a spotter (~110lb, which is low but I am just now starting to do them regularly).

Admittedly I don't track my diet that closely. I only eat out once a week, other than that it is my wife's cooking and she is relatively health conscious. I try to balance what I eat; growing up I was a carb nut and loved breads, chips, pretzels, etc. but I am working on eating more protein and fats and less carbs. Plenty of veggies. I try and eat healthy snacks at work (nuts, trail mix) and I do supplement protein as-needed, a full shake after weight lifting and half a shake on off-days. I'm lactose intolerant but I try and mix in as much whole milk as my body will handle.

Future Plans
In two months I hope to transition to SS. I am still making gains on this break-in program; plus over the next two months I will be on travel for ~ 5 weeks. I will have access to weights but I figured don't start a new routine when the rest of your schedule is out of whack; so I hope to start in June.

Current Stats
Deadlift: 210lb (2x5)
Squat: 110lb (2x10)
Bench: 80lb (2x10, 2x40lb dumbells)

I haven't attempted a 1RM lift and I've been conservative with the squat as I'm making sure I am mastering the technique. Slow and steady. I am making regular gains which is good. I bench with dumbbells at the moment to work on my arm motor skills and because I don't have any kind of safety catch yet. Hoping to score one in the next month; my birthday is right around the corner...

I should warn you I suck at keeping journals. I'll do my best to update this from time to time. thanks WBB community for all the help thus far and future help I know I'll need.

04-05-2010, 10:08 PM
I should warn you I suck at keeping journals. I'll do my best to update this from time to time. thanks WBB community for all the help thus far and future help I know I'll need.
Current Stats
Deadlift: 250lb (3x5)
Squat: 150lb (2x10)
Bent-Over Row; Dumbbell Bench Press: 35lb/arm.

Made some nice gains after skipping last Friday's session and having an easy weekend. I dropped 45lb Olympic weight edgewise on my foot Wednesday night :( X-rays showed no broken bones but the doc said my foot was messed up and I should take the weekend easy, so I did. And was able to pack 30lb onto my deadlift and 40lb onto my squat.