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Mick Manley
04-04-2010, 09:22 AM
Ive read several threads on cutting weight the last couple weeks and it seems there is no real set of guidelines so I thought i would post what I do, which seems to work very well.

Generally i am cutting 12+lbs so if you're cutting 5-8lbs some of the drastic measure that are taken, are not necessary.

What you will need:
8 gallons of distilled water
3 liters of pedialyte
Magnesium Citrate
salt tablets or capsules
waxy maize
Creatine Monohydrate

Day 5
Drink 2 gallons of distilled water, you shouldnt need to alter your diet this far out unless your 17+lbs out IMO

Day 4
Same as above

Day 3 same as above, however if youre 14+ u might want to start cutting out a few carbs

Day 2

2 gallons of water
Cut out all your carbs and sodium if you can. High protein and high fat with low sodium.
I ate tilapia and olive oil when i had to cut about 18lbs to 165.

Before bed youll wanna drink half of your mag cit, keep in mind this is a gross process, exploding shat etc! keep a toilet close.

Day 1
Drink the rest of your mag cit!

Monitor your weight on this day, if youre getting close to the weight you need to be and you havent began your hot tubbing, sauna, steam rooming, eat some protein, i usually eat eggs.

If youre still far away, youll need to begin youre hot tubbing, or method of hell. If youre choosing to use diuretics, i prefer to take 1 pill at about 8 when I began my hot tubbing. My first bout, i try to go 15 min in the hot tub. I usually get out and go weigh myself. My next bout i try to go as long as possible, youll find out its much harder the second time to stay in there for the full 15 min due to your core temperature already being elevated. The closer youu can get the better. Keep doing this untill youre only able to stay in about 7 minutes. This is where a spotter is a great help, keeping you in there for 7 min, out for 2-3 min. Do this until youre where you wanna be, which IMO is about 2lbs over before bed. I usually take another dieuretic before bed so ill have a big pee in the AM. Youll wanna check your weigh again to see if youre where you wanna be because u might have to hit the hot tub again. If youre weight is where you need to be, then great its time to sit and weight till weigh ins.

Before weigh ins youll need some of the articles you purchased a few days back.

After weighing in, i take 2-3 immodium if i did the mag cit, if not, 1 should suffice. I also take about 2-3k of salt capsules as well. I begin drinking my pedialtye with a scoop of waxymaize. After this it try to eat a huge meal with another pedialyte and waxymaze. I also try to eat about 10grams of Creatine with these as well.

If youre going to be doing IV bags, i try to do this asap, however if it doesnt doesnt done right away its not a huge deal. While IVing i try to eat the rest of my salt capsules and my last pedialyte with waxymaize. Your ultimate goal is to hold as much water as possible so youre muscle can absorb as much as possible.

If you do all the steps above, you should be back your normal weight the day of the weigh ins, if not a bit heavier!

Good luck to all!

04-04-2010, 09:42 AM
Thanks for the post!!