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04-08-2010, 08:11 PM
I'm looking to adjust my training program for rowing, and thought this might be a good place to post.

To give an idea of the kind of distances I'm training for, it's 2km, which can take around 8 minutes. I'd previously been doing lots of longer distances (like 16km) so I really need to get a lot more power.

The main muscles I need to train are the quads and glutes, but also my calves which I'm having difficulty putting mass on. At the moment I'm only doing squats, and a lot of work on ergos (rowing machines). I'm definitely getting enough protein, I'm eating like a horse on top of drinking straight protein shakes after working out (standard whey protein).

I'm 6ft 3, and weight 95kg (about 15 stone).

How many sets and reps should I be doing, and of what lifts etc? In terms of upper body I need the reverse of a bench press, I neither know what that motion is called nor what muscles it uses. That, along with forearms and back muscles down along the spine (a strong back is very important, but I think I have that covered with Planck holds).

Thanks in advance.