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04-12-2010, 09:09 PM
Hello, im currently 18, i competed for the Sarasota Varsity Weightlifting team for 2 years. First i was in the 169LB Weight Class with a 280LB Bench and 265 Clean and Jerk. Senior year i weighed 186LBS and lifted in the 199LB class. Bench was 350LB and Clean and Jerk was 300LB. This is a video of some of my teammates and me. i Took 3rd at states losing to 2nd by 5 and first by 10. only because i scratched my 1st lift of 280. so i ended up doing 280/280/300 instead of my predicted 280/300/315.

My friend Brook, who cleans after me is 219 Currently a senior with a Bench of 360LBs and 360LB Clean and Jerk he is attempting to break the record in 2 weeks at States.