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04-29-2010, 08:19 PM
I first joined this forum about 9 years ago at age 21. My first "journal" entry is copied below. Unfortunately, until about 6 months ago I did nothing but abuse my body with horrible a horrible diet and absolutely no exercise. I'm now 30 years old.

About 5 months ago I topped out at 167 pounds (26 pounds heavier than 9 years ago) . I had no muscle mass to speak of, looked extremely skinny-fat with a protruding hard gut, ate fries and hot wing hoagies for lunch everyday, a gallon or two of sweetened iced tea every week, ice cream nightly, and alcohol whenever I could get out for a drink. I was naturally a very small person, but not a naturally lean person, and naturally carried absolutely no muscle.

A year and a half ago I hopped on a treadmill for kicks and ran about 2 miles at 5.5 mph. I was out of breath almost instantly and had chest pain throughout the "run". At 28 years old I had my first nuclear stress test. Turns out I was fine but obviously I had some serious fitness problems. I went another year doing nothing, depressed and unable to bring myself to fix the problem. At some point I decided that being too embarrassed to wear a t-shirt was no way to live and almost passing out after 2 miles in 22 miles was just pathetic.

This past November, knowing my 30th birthday was a couple months away, I slowly started to change my physical life. I started with some daily work on an elliptical at my house with only minor diet modifications. My stamina increase rather quickly with consistent use and the weight began to slowly fall.

In mid-January I made a conscious decision to cut as much visceral fat as possible and reduce the gut before doing any sort of bulking. I joined a local YMCA and started running on a treadmill a few days per week. My stamina began to improve very quickly and more weight fell off.

On February 1st, I started P90X and finished the first 4-week cycle. I modified the program to replace the less intense cardio sessions with running. In the beginning of March I stopped P90X and started working with weights M/W/F and running T/TH/SA. My diet since February 1st has also changed dramatically. Calories were counted, all sugar cut, reduced carbohydrates dramatically, started taking whey shakes with natural peanut butter, egg whites, cheese sticks, lean meat at dinner with greens, and only water to drink all day.

Approaching May 1 now, and I've never been so disciplined. My progress is as follows:

Weight: 167 -> 149
Height: 5'10"
Bench: 95 lbs for 6 reps -> 140 lbs for 5 reps
Pullups: 0 -> 11
Stamina: My best run is 3 miles in less than 23 minutes.
(sorry guys, no squats or deadlifts just yet)

I wish I took measurements but I can say for sure I've lost a few inches off my waist, and my body in general is much more vascular, lean, and despite the 18 pound loss, I look bigger. I'd say most of the lost weight has come from the VAT stores in my abdomen.

My lifting progress is slowing down because I've been at a caloric deficit (between 1700-2000 daily) the entire time. I figured it'd be prudent to gain strength while losing fat so when I was ready to clean bulk, I wouldn't have to train my entire nervous system while consuming the excess calories. I may cut a little more before the clean bulk because I'm still losing weight rather rapidly (1-2 lbs/week) and I am still making slight gains in the few lifts that I do and seeing improvements in my musculature.

This post is already too long, but when I start to clean bulk either later this month or around June 1st (with a real lifting plan including squats and deadlifts..) I will keep a log if people are interested in that. I'll even keep a log of the continued cut progress if people are interested with more details about what I'm doing.

My post from 9 years ago:

My first post here although I've been lurking for a couple weeks. I've decided to change things around for myself and stop living in shame of my body. I'm 21 years old, heading into my senior (sophomore/junior really tho with transfers) year in college. Here is the pathetic stat line:

5 feet, 9.5 inches tall
141 lbs as of an hour ago

Yes, you can imagine...downright scrawny. I don't feel ashamed saying it in here really, I'm sure you guys would rather help than criticize. I'm small-boned if there is such a word...shoulders aren't broad, very small wrists, long neck, etc. Typical ectomorph I guess. This is going to be a hell of a battle for me.

Starting my diet and workout tomorrow (I'll be working out at the local YMCA at 6:00AM to try and avoid the rush). I'll be eating about 2500 calories daily, upping that as I gain weight...about 250-260g protein, 175-185g carbs, 80 or so g fat. (mostly from Udo's) I'll be using creatine and glutamine and trying to down about a gallon of water a day.

Here's the workout plan I intend on using..please criticize it but keep in mind what I am working with here. I've never trained with weights before, so I'm sure my strength is going to be ridiculous. I'll be working out 3 times a week..

Flat bench press(4 sets, 1 burnout set)
Incline dumbell flyes (1 superset)
Shoulder Press (4 sets, 1 burnout set)
Side raises (1 superset)
Shrugs (4 sets to failure, 1 burnout set)
Bar dips (4 sets to failure)
Tricep pushdowns (1 superset)

Squats (4 sets, 1 burnout)
Leg Extensions (1 superset)
Stiff-legged deadlifts (4 sets, 1 burnout)
Hamstring curl (1 superset)
Calve raises (strip sets to failure)

Wide grip pull-ups (4 sets to failure)
One arm rows (4 sets, 1 burnout)
Lat-bar pulldown (1 superset)
Dumbell curls (4 sets to failure)
Reverse curls (multiple supersets)

(This routine may look familar to some people .. yes I was a sucker about a year ago). Anyway, when I say a burnout set, I'm referring to a set with much lighter weights than my last work set to completely fatigue the muscles. When I say superset I refer to taking no break between it and the last set of the last exercise.

I'll be increasing the weight with each work set, and going with a 8/6/4/2 rep pattern if I can. I think that's about it .. I'll update every workout day starting tomorrow.

Thanks in advance..