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05-10-2010, 02:28 AM
I like Pizza but I don't really like cheese... I also don't really like eating too much refined white flour. So chilling out this weekend I decided to test out a pizza that I could enjoy without knowing it is full of crap ;-) It also has A LOT of protein in too so you guys will probably enjoy it for that fact!

Base Ingredients
150grams Wholemeal Flour
50grams White Flour
5grams of fast raising yeast
150ml water
1 spoon of: Mixed Herbs
1 spoon of: Sugar
0.5 spoon of: Salt

Yes... That is meant to be a circle!


Base Topping Ingredients
6-8 spoons Tomato Purée
150grams Cottage Cheese

General Topping Ingredients
150grams of Prawns
100grams of Tuna
1/4 of a Chopped Pepper
1/4 of a Chopped Red Onion


How to make it?

Really, Really easy actually...
1. Put the yeast into the 150ml of warm water and stir it. Cover it and put it some where warm.
2. Put all the wholemeal flour, white flour, herbs, sugar and salt into a bowl and mix it round into one.
3. Take the watery yeast mixture and slowly pour it into the flour mixture, stirring it in with a spoon until it is dough.
4. Things are about to get messy... get your hands in there and mush it about a bit.
5. Put some flour on a surface and put the dough on top of it. Grab a rolling pin and roll it thin and circular.
6. Leave it now for 20 minutes with a tea towel over the top of it.

Upon your return...
1. The base is now finished. Grab the tomato purée and spread it evenly around the pizza.
2. Get the cottage cheese and slap it down on top of the purée, I wouldn't spread it too much.
3. Grab all your topping and put them on how you see fit.

Turn on the oven/cooker and put it to about gas mark 6/7. Leave it to preheat and then put the pizza in for around 20 minutes... check on it after 10 though.

That's it :) My girlfriend made the same pizza but with cheese and peperoni replacing the cottage cheese.

05-13-2010, 05:31 PM
That looks pretty good, I like the 2nd one the most though!

05-19-2010, 04:38 PM
Unless you have some sort of super mutant yeast you will need more time to let it rise the dough I think.

I've heard of some people letting the dough sit for 24 hours.

06-01-2010, 01:29 AM
I made this Pizza and my friends and me like it so much

Thanks for sharing us