View Full Version : Questions about blood pressure.

05-11-2010, 07:42 AM
What effect does weightlifting have on blood pressure? Does a weightlifting diet, ie a diet with high protein have a negative effect? How much aerobic exercise should one perform to decrease blood pressure.

Sean S
05-11-2010, 08:33 AM
Blood pressure goes up during the actual lift, but lifting itself will not cause chronic high BP. As far as diet, the protein content itself won't raise BP, but like anyone else a diet high in sodium could raise BP if you are salt sensitive. Some light to moderate aerobic exercise can help with BP, but exactly how much is difficult to say. I would probably shoot for at least 20-40 minutes 3x/week. Much of the BP response to these variables is genetic, so it's hard to make blanket predictions.
If you have a history of high BP or a family history of high BP here's what I would suggest:
1) Avoid high sodium and highly processed foods as much as possible and include plenty of fruits and vegetables
2) Keep your diet such that you don't gain a ton of bodyfat in a short amount of time
3) Do some low to moderate intensity cardio at 3x/week. You don't need high intensity cardio for the BP benefits so don't kill yourself here. If you intensity is correct it shouldn't have a huge effect on your strength levels.