View Full Version : Eastern26's new journal for rock climbing

05-24-2010, 08:18 PM
Well i decided to start a new journal as i have not been on here in awhile. A bit about me, I am training right now for the competitive rock climbing season that starts this fall. I have a few goals i've been working on and was hoping for your help with diet and my routine. The main thing with climbing is to be lean but strong so hopefuly you guys can still help me out.

My current stats
6 foot tall 182 pounds, still not seeing the six pack abs we all want yet.

My current diet

oatmeal or cereal in the morning with a banana 6:00am

9:00 am protein shake

lunch Grilled chicken, or chicken salad or pbj maybe handful of pretzels or a piece of fruit.

3;30 protein shake

dinner: grilled chicken or pork with rice or potatoe and veggies

protein shake before bed.

I'm currently doing a bootcamp three times a week for a month

10 slow pushups
deadhang as long as possible
pull 200 foot rope through climbing hooks 4 times as fast as possible
coil rope over shoulders 4 times
climb a route 4 times
ab planks for as long as possible then leg throws
repeat for 4 sets

this workout honestly really gives me a hell of a burn I also try and run twice a week.

besides kicking ass climbing my fitness goals right now are to be able to do 20 pullups in one set and 100 pushups. ive been stuck at 11 pullups and 60 pushups. Should i continue my pullups and pushups while doing this bootcamp or wait till bootcamp is over. I dont want to overtrain but i want these two goals down and have been stuck for awhile. Thinking about putting a weight vest on while doing the pullups what you think open to suggestions for the diet and the pullups and pushups and weather to do them on the same day etc.

oh I hate fish so leave that out if you have diet ideas