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05-30-2010, 12:57 PM
Hey guys i been lurking around these forums pretty much since it opened and finally decided it was time to grow some balls last month.

A little background info last month i was a 148 pound 6ft 20 tear old guy who all threw out my life I've lived with all my friends being jacked there all 200 plus. And a Father who is 6"5 278 and is diesel, for some reason i would give up after the first time of working out and i would eat practically nothing ( around 1,500 calories) when in my mind i thought i was eating a lot. Well i started working out for real the week before this program came out i beefed up my calories to 4,000 and plenty enough protein now on May 30th i weigh 169 and even my dad and my girlfriend **** themselves when they saw me come back home. just to throw out some numbers i couldn't barely bench 115 now im doing 160 this program defiantly works.:ninja:

I'm gonna try to get some pics up today to see if u guys can see a difference ( i no im a skinny bitch still but you gotta start some where).

Also my routine is the 4 day break down

unassisted pull-up's
one-arm dumbbell row
flat bench pres
standing dumbbell press
weighted dips

standing calf raises
barbell curl
cable crunch

im gonna be keeping track now and posting my work outs tomorrow when i go to the gym. Kinda funny now that i think of it im sad when im not working out lol compared to being a bitch and having a ego and not doing it.

Also i have one small major problem. MY lower spine has a fracture in it from 4 years ago and it for some reason wont heal the doctors don't no why but anyways the only problem i have is the dead lifts because of this. Can someone throw out an exercise i could do instead of them?

06-01-2010, 02:32 PM
... in fact, my back went out a week or so ago while doing deadlifts, so I'm off them too. Haven't tried these yet, but I was advised to give these exercises a try:

Pull-throughs: http://www.weightliftingdiscussion.com/pullthrough.html
Glute-ham raise: http://www.squidoo.com/glutehamraise

See what you think of those. I'm going to try out one or both Wednesday. They both look like they'd get the job done in place of deadlifts.

Good luck, and welcome aboard.