View Full Version : sheiko all year round

05-30-2010, 11:32 PM
My bench just seems to stall on anything but sheiko. Training with normal methods I got my bench up to 107.5kg and then it stalled. Tried everything but it wouldn't budge.
Then I found sheiko, on it my bench went up to 120 in 1 month.
I'm just wondering is it ok to do this program all year round?

05-31-2010, 01:24 AM
Of course... It's what it's meant for. It would not be a wise idea to jump programs all the time.

05-31-2010, 02:06 AM
You can stand on your head in a corner all year long as long as it gets you gains, do it bro. Everyone is different, we all respond differently to things. If you're seeing progress on sheiko, ride it for as long as you can. Eventually, when you stall, deload, and assess yourself from there. After the deload try sheiko again, see if you get gains again, if not, it may be time to research another routine. Don't fix it unless it's broke, and if your doing a routine and getting results you want, it aint broke buddy. Importantly, find what works, and stick with it.

Ben F Burgess
06-02-2010, 01:38 PM
Yeah of course it is not only possible but beneficial. Sheiko training requires a high level of work capacity to be sucessful and switching it after a while to (for example) a lower volume program would mean you may lose some or all of the work capacity you built up using Sheiko cycles.

Providing you use the correct combinations of prep cycles, peaking cycles and the occasional transition week you can (and should) run the cycles year round.