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05-31-2010, 06:46 AM
I've found great success with cutting carbs, so far I'm down about 30 pounds since I started back in April. I feel my weight loss peaks about 4-5 days in to a carb cycle, then after about 8 or so days, it isn't AS progressive. In your opinion, should I refeed more often? What about a cheat high carb meal somewhere in between to see if it doesn't rev my metabolism back up? I find that if I do sneak a few carbs in here and there...it seems as if my metabolism turns up a notch. Here's what I'm doing meal-wise:

12 days carb depletion...
M1-eggs and sausage or turkey bacon
M2-chicken and green beans or broccoli, sometimes steak or salmon.
M3-chicken/beef/fish, green beans/spinach/broccoli.
M4-pepperoni and cheese
M5-lean ground beef patty

What if I cut my cycle down to about 10 days and go from there? Maybe I'm just depleting too long and my metabolism just about bottoms out on me? Looking back at my logs both here and my written ones, I'm averaging around 3lbs lost per 12 day cycle...which isn't too shabby I don't suppose. Any suggestions or ideas?

05-31-2010, 08:00 AM
are you loosely following a specific diet or just doing what you've experience with?

do you happen to know about what percentage body fat you're at? refeeds tend to work better for those who are somewhat leaner (15% or less)