View Full Version : J's Road Back to Health

06-01-2010, 10:51 PM
I'm a forner athlete and because of that I became used to being able to eat whatever I wanted and still remain fit. Now my athletic days are behind me and I have learned that my eating habits are out of wack. I'm starting this journal in hopes that it will help me on the road back to a healthy lifestyle.

Right now I'm 6"4 225 pounds and hope to get down ultimately to 200 pounds. Hopefully keeping a journal of my workouts and food intake every day will help. I plan to update this journal every two weeks with photos as well.

My plan for is to workout twice per day. I will do cardio in morning(two mile jog and a couple of 400s) and weight lifting after work. I plan to eat once before I workout in the morning, once for lunch, muscle milk , and then once for dinner.

I used a website to calculate how my calories I show intake and it says around 2500 so Im gonna try to stick to that. Does anyone know how reliable those site are. Well hopefully this works out.