View Full Version : Save BIG on Opticen, Multi-Plus & Nitrean for a limited time only!

Joe Black
06-02-2010, 07:27 AM
http://atlargenutrition.com/newsdesk_info.php?newsdesk_id=189 :)

06-06-2010, 02:07 AM
Curious why the sale on strawberry...do people not like it/ low sales to liquidate stock?

Joe Black
06-06-2010, 04:38 AM
It's not as strong a seller as choc and vanilla, but it is still a pretty good seller.

To be honest, for various reasons (not related to popularity, actually a stock ordering mistake) we have quite a bit of stock of the strawberry nitrean 2.2, so we're running it down more quickly than normal. Once we're low, we're considering just having strawberry in 4.6, but we'll make that call as we get lower.

So, no reason related to the popularity of it, so a great time to stock up :)

06-06-2010, 09:31 PM
It's been a while since you guys had a 15% off sale. Seems like 4th of July might be a good time!

Joe Black
06-07-2010, 01:21 AM
We're not planning one for a while I am afraid!

06-08-2010, 09:59 PM
My order is in!!

06-08-2010, 10:13 PM
I would snag this up in a heart beat but I just finished school and am waiting on an offer. It'll be the first thing I buy if I get employed before this sale is over! Oh thanks for the novus bar samples you guys are awesome! !

Joe Black
06-09-2010, 01:25 AM
Thanks guys! :)

06-18-2010, 08:36 AM
Just ordered some Strawberry Opticen and Results.

Big fan of the strawberry flavours, hopefully this one is just as good or even better.

chris mason
06-19-2010, 01:05 PM
Thanks for your business!

06-25-2010, 05:42 PM
Kind of a mini follow up after having my Strawberry Opticen after nearly a week:

The strawberry flavour is really funky. I know hitting fruit flavours can be tricky, but this is really awful. I mean it's the same product that I love, works well, but almost seems like I need a beer after finishing a serving of it.

chris mason
06-25-2010, 10:19 PM
TheCity, as I always say with flavoring, you cannot please everyone. I am personally using strawberry Opticen right now and I like it. I am sorry you don't care for it. Give the chocolate a roll next time, it is REALLY good.

06-26-2010, 12:27 AM
I have it. I love chocolate

Tastes like cake batter.

06-26-2010, 03:38 AM
Just ordered 2 Strawberry Opticens. I've been a big fan of vanilla for years, I'm hoping I'll like Strawberry as well.

chris mason
06-26-2010, 01:44 PM
I have it. I love chocolate

Tastes like cake batter.

Cool. Thanks for your business!

07-18-2010, 05:37 PM
Chris, Daniel, I just wanted to say I am really enjoying the strawberry Opticen! As a serial vanilla drinker I was nervous to try the strawberry, but my worries were quickly settled after the 1st sip. Thanks for continuing to make, in my humble opinion, the best shakes on the market.