View Full Version : muscle sequence of the deadlift

06-02-2010, 09:16 PM
what exactly is the muscle sequence in the deadlift? is it lower back and quads off the floor and to the knees and then hamstring and glutes to lock out?

06-03-2010, 03:21 AM
Good question! I don't reckon there are many muscles that are not activated throughout the full lift. Obviously as leverages change some muscles in the chain will do more though.

I was speaking to a guy called Michol Dalcourt who is doing soem research in California (I think) whilst he was here in the UK and they had been looking at the lower back muscles during hte deadlift. He claimed there was evidence to suggest that the muscles actually turn off before lockout and the thick fascia outside the E.S muscles turned on - as they have better leverage of the spine.