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06-12-2010, 11:50 PM
So I decided to start doing one of these things today. I was kind of hesitant to do it, mostly because my workouts and nutrition are still pretty sloppy, I know. Also because it's one more thing to keep up with. But I like the idea of being able to look back a year from now and see how I've changed. Kind of wish I'd have started this a month ago when I started getting more serious about all of this health stuff.

For now I'm gonna post weight, nutrition, sleep habits, workouts, and just whatever else I believe may be relevant. A warning to anyone who may read this: it's gonna be long, as I plan on trying to be detailed and also list my thoughts on things. I'm not sure if this is how other people do these journals or if this is what this forum is for, so apologies if I'm doing this wrong. This first post will likely be the longest. Probably like a friggin' book.

First, I'll state my current goals and stats as of Saturday June 12, 2010.

Male, 27 yrs, 6'4"
268lbs, 31.5% BF, 50.2% Hydration (based on cheap wal mart scale I bought, unsure of accuracy)

I am very much over weight and want to lose my tits and gut, ASAP. This is my first goal before worrying too much about bulking muscle. I'm eating below my goal maintenance of 200lbs. I'm down from 315lbs just a few months ago and 300lbs a little over a month ago. When I reach my goal, unless I'm satisfied with my weight before then or unsatisfied when I reach 200lbs, I will begin eating more for gains.

I don't pay enough attention to my macros, gonna fix that. Just been going by total calories and protein. Also, I don't own a kitchen scale yet, so some of my calories/proteins are just out right guesses. I try to overshoot a bit when I'm not sure.


Bed 10p, Wake 7a



1st Meal:
Fish Oil Caps 2g, 18/0
Coconut Oil 1 Tbsp, 126/0
Centrum Multi 0/0
Whey 2 scoops, 240/48
Skim Milk, 180/16
Egg Whites 1C, 120/24
Wheat Bread 2 sl, 180/8
Cottage Cheese 1/2C, 80/12
TOTAL: 700/108

2nd Meal:
Healthy Choice 270/17
Tuna 1can 100/22
TOTAL: 370/39

3rd Meal:
Sardines 1can 140/19
Wheat Bread 2sl 180/8
Skim Milk 3C 270/24
TOTAL: 730/57

4th Meal:
2:1 Bar 250/32
L-Tyrosine 2g
NO-Xplode 1 pack 0/0
TOTAL: 250/32

5th Meal:
Chicken Breast 280/50
Sweet Potato 162/4
Whey 240/48
Creatine 30g 0/0 *SEE NOTE*
Skim Milk 180/16
TOTAL: 862/118

6th Meal:
Cottage Cheese 1C 160/24
TOTAL: 160/24

GRAND TOTAL: 3072/378

*NOTE* Woops, messed up here. First time taking creatine and going for the loading phase. Read a lot on dosing, one thing saying 20g, one saying 36g, another saying just 5g. I just said screw it and was gonna do 30 for about 5 days, with today's dose being day 1. I brain farted and completely forgot that I had to split the loading dose into three separate doses until AFTER I drank it in my whey... I believe I'm paying the price in the potty right now for that flub up. Also note, at this time I have no kitchen scale. The container calls "1 heaping teaspoon" 5g. So I'm going by that and used 6 heaping teaspoons. After the loading phase, I will cut back to 5g (or one teaspoon) a day. I may not "heap" so much as I've heard 5 is excessive, but I have no idea what the actual dosage will be then to the gram. Will buy a scale soon...


This is my current workout schedule. I will admit here that I do not follow a strict routine or diet, which I know is folly. One issue that I have is many routines I see require equipment that I don't have access to at the present time. Also, some exercises I do I feel require more weight. Unfortunately I am limited in what I own and I do not belong to a gym yet. I will (hopefully) be ordering a power cage around the end of this month or some time next month. This will open up several new options to me (back squats, bench press, chin ups, etc...)

Before I list my workout, I'll list my equipment owned at this time:

Healthrider Club H140E Elliptical
Triceps Bar
Barbell (kinda short compared to others I've seen...)
2 40# Hex DB
2 threaded DB handles
Weider basic DB bench (adjustable)
Weider 8920 Home Gym
3 sets of resistance band handles
Tubes: 3 red, 1 purple, 1 black
2 weak assed grippers...
Plate weights: 25# x4, 10# x6, 5# x14, 3# x4 TOTAL: 242

Now onto today's workout. I shame myself with my weakness, but I know I'll get better with time. I know some of these lifts will seem kinda p***y to most people on here. Especially a guy my size. I always considered myself pretty strong, and have usually been the strongest or among the strongest of the people I work with. But lifting weights has definitely humbled me and made me realize I have a huge amount of work to do.

Before I list the workout for today, though, one note. (Jeez I'm a wordy mofo, huh?) I tried a new thing today and pretty much regretted it a little into my workout. It's called NO-Xplode. Supposed to be for energy. Usually if I'm a little tired I'll drink a lo-carb Monster and be ready to go. I wasn't exactly tired today, but when I saw the little one-serving packet at GNC I decided to give it a try. 30ish minutes after drinking it (along with my 2g of L-tyrosine) I felt a little something. Kind of like taking a hit of crack, almost. I know this because I'm a recovered addict (been clean for a few years, but you never really get over it. Just control of it.) I did not really enjoy the feeling at first, but a few minutes later I felt okay. It wasn't a rush like hitting the pipe, just kind of a feeling in my head and a ringing in my ears. My warm up was great. I have lots of trouble with pushups, so I make myself do at least 1 set of 10 every day. Usually I have a little trouble with number 10, sometimes I get to 12 or so. Today I did 15 with perfect form and didn't even slow down, got up to 20 before I stopped. May not seem like much to some, but it was PR for me. I felt great. Did a warm up with 50# on the DB, some lat lunges and body weight squats, then I was ready to go.

I had to stop half way through almost every set because I felt like I was gonna throw up... my stomach did NOT like the stuff. Either it was the NO-Xplode or the mix with the L-tyrosine. Either way, I'm not touching that stuff again, I don't care if it makes me do a million push ups.

And finally, my workout for today.

But first... j/k

20 pushups
weird stretchy thing I saw on YouTube today... push up position, then step to your hand and do a circle with arm, repeat on the other side. 10 reps per side. Just wanted to try it... Think it may have been called a "yoga-plex" or something. I forget.
bodyweight squats 10x1
bodyweight lateral lunges 10x1
front squats 50# on BB 10x1
front squats into overhead press 50# 10x1


Front Squats w/triceps bar 106# 10x3
DB Sumo Squats 80# 20x3
BB Front Squats 50# 20x1 (no break from Sumo)
Rack Pull (from bench, no rack) 200# 6x2
Rack Pull (from bench, no rack) 200# 10x2
Step ups (table a little under knee height) 80# (40x2 DB) 20x3
Deadlift 200# 8x3
Calf Raises 200# 15x4

I would have liked to do more reps on the calf raises as I barely felt it, however my left hand would not keep the barbell anymore and I was afraid of losing it on the tile floor. Need to buy wrist straps, especially if I intend to buy more weights for this stuff. Also, not sure if it's cheating to count the four extra deadlifts to get the BB in position for the calf raises, so I didn't...

I really think I could have gotten more volume in had I not taken the NO-Xplode. I surely gave me energy in the beginning, but the upset to my stomach negated any positive effects. I had to stop mid-set many times to wait for stuff to go back down so I didn't puke.

Like I mentioned before, I don't follow a strict routine as I probably should. Also, I'm still unsure of how I want to structure my week, so it has changed a few times over the last month. It may change again. For now my week is as follows:

SUNDAY: Cardio (Morning low intensity and HIIT in the afternoon, both on elliptical) and resistance bands with higher reps and speed, some dumbbell swings, push ups as fast as I can, burpees, etc... Workout stretched more over the day than all at once.
MONDAY: Chest, Traps and Lats
TUESDAY: HIIT on elliptical
WEDNESDAY: HIIT on elliptical with bodyweight exercises (crunches, push ups, burpees, etc...)
THURSDAY: Forearms, Biceps, Triceps, Shoulders
FRIDAY: OFF (due to work schedule and possibly social interactions... mostly work. I'm a loser and have no friends.)
SATURDAY: Legs and Dead Lifts.

I may move stuff around again, depending on how I like this set up. Last week I did chest on Tuesday and my tri's were still too sore on Thursday to work them much. I hate cardio two days in a row... fat people don't like cardio... :)

Okay, that's the end of this post for tonight. :hello:

06-12-2010, 11:56 PM
i have read reports of NO-Xplode is rough on peoples stomach. If you want the same effect drink some coffee and chase it with some cherry creatine drink. rock on! life's a garden, dig it! if you didn't throw up its not a good workout! etc etc....

sweet job on the deads especially after all those rackpulls and squats :)

FWIW I never count my set up I know it requires effort and such but its just a freebie in my opinion. Otherwise i'd have a set of cleans every time I did mil press. Although I will mention it most of the time in case i have an odd pain or tightness I can look in my journal and go "oh right my back is jacked because I did cleans to set up for mil presses" etc etc...

06-13-2010, 12:31 AM
Well, it was definitely rough on mine. Plus I kept getting kinda dizzy after sets and my vision was darkening a bit... definitely felt like crap. I think I could have gotten more reps for things if I wasn't so sick. I'm gonna go with my occasional lo-carb Monster for now. I want to get some caffeine pills, but I can't find anyone who sells 'em locally. Gonna have to order online when I re-up on whey and creatine.

Thanks, about the deads. I really want to add more weight. Last week I did three sets, 15x3 with the same weight. I don't have enough weights right now but I really want to get it up to 3-6 rep max. I'm not sure what's more dangerous on the back, though. Higher reps or heavier weight.

I almost skipped listing the warm up, but I just wanted to be detailed. Over time it will help me to reassess my routine and tweak things to be more effective. Also, if I know I'm listing things I'm less likely to cheat and skip.

06-13-2010, 05:33 AM
Hey brother, nice job starting the journal, and nice job on the weight loss so far. I know how it feels, starting from 464, down to 315 now and still going. Just stay true to the game, stay consistent with both diet and workouts. We'll be bitch tit-less in no time man, for sure. Mine are already starting to stand up!! Not sagging as much, haha! Anyways, keep it up, keep working out, keep posting. If you've got any questions, let us know.

06-13-2010, 09:58 AM
Thanks, Mark. And congrats on your loss as well. Nice to hear from someone who's been here. Seems like I'm always reading about the hardgainers.. :) We all have our troubles, but somehow I have a hard time feeling bad for them. ;)

06-13-2010, 06:39 PM
So today sucked. Just tired... lethargic... my glutes are quite literally being a pain in the ass... quads are sore... may need to rethink my cardio strategy on Sundays since I do legs and deads on Friday. Any thing involving my legs (elliptical, burpees, etc...) are just out on Sundays from now on. I think I would have done better, just had an off day. Plans got all messed up, meals got screwed up, workout got screwed up... bleh. Anyway, here's the info:

Bed 3a Wake 8:45 Nap from 12:30 to 2:30

Nutrition: (cal/prot)

1st Meal
Whey (2 scoops w/water) 240/48
Creatine (10g)
Fish Oil (2g) 18/0
Coconut (Oil 1 Tbs) 126/0
Centrum Multi 2
TOTAL: 386/48

2nd Meal:
Healthy Choice 220/6
Nature Vally bar 190/4
TOTAL: 410/10

3rd Meal:
Peanut Butter (2 Tbsp) 190/7
Wheat Bread (2) 180/8
Whey (2 scoops) 240/48
Smoothie King Chocolate Shredder (32oz) 466/58
Skim Milk (2c) 180/16
TOTAL: 1256/137

4th Meal:
Creatine (10g)
Grape Juice (10oz) 200/0
Chicken Breast 280/50
Spinach (1 can) 135/1
TOTAL: 615/51

5th Meal:
Whey (2 scoops) 240/48
Skim Milk (2C) 180/16
Cottage Cheese (1C) 160/24
TOTAL: 580/88

TOTALS: 2947/334

So my eating was off today. I woke up and got on the elliptical first thing after stretching for a few minutes. I intended to do 30 minutes low intensity, but started getting hungry and was just not energetic at all. So I got about 20 minutes in on the Performance Level 2 program (which goes 30 minutes) and then stopped. Drank my whey and creatine mixed together. I've bought grape juice tonight, so will from today on take that with the juice rather than the whey. I'm wondering if I can just put grape juice in my whey and mix it all together. Not worried about what cookies and cream whey will taste like with grape juice at all, just figure it'll be easier. But not sure if it would effect anything... for now I'll just drink 'em separate.

Anyway, after I drank my whey I just wasn't really hungry any more. So I decided to wait a bit for breakfast. Never really got hungry... Been feeling really lazy all day so I just popped a Healthy Choice dinner in the microwave a couple of hours later. I don't want to get back in the habit of eating those things too often, but they come in handy. Later in the day I realized how far behind I was in my calorie intake for the day and ate about 1256 calories in one meal to try to catch up. I let myself have an extra whey shake. I don't like more than 2 a day (4 scoops) less for health reasons more because that crap is expensive. But it gave me a good calorie and protein boost. Had a smoothie from Smoothie King because I've been craving the hell out of one. It was so good... been so long since I had one... Lazy still for dinner. Just gonna broil a chicken breast and open a can of spinach. I aim for 3000 calories a day, giving myself a 10% margin. I forget what I'm supposed to be eating... I think I figured I should be eating closer to 4000, but I'm trying to eat as though I'm 200 lbs already and losing weight. So I aim for 3000, and I'm comfortable there.

So here's what my workout looked like today. Sloppy and probably ineffective. Just wasn't in it today. I'm not really a fan of cardio even on a good day, but I know I need it. I just need to reassess how I'm gonna do it. Especially after leg day.

Woke up 20 min low intensity on elliptical (performance prog level 2)
Later in evening, 5 min jogging warm up on elliptical followed by 10 min HIIT - cut short, wanted 20
burpees, only did 5 because legs were sore. Switched to another exercise. Not sure what it's called, similar to burpee but instead of moving both feet at the same time you step up one leg at a time, then stand. No jump. 15 of those.
20 bench sit ups
20 crunches on floor
12 wide push ups
15 plank push ups
Several different things with resistance tubes. I don't know if any of these exercises have names. Some stuff I just made up and tried to see if I thought it was any good. Did with red tubes, 1, 2 or 3 at a time on the handles depending on exercise. Did that at high speed for high reps. Generally about 50 or so reps for heavier stuff, lighter stuff (like speed rows) I do by time. 1 minute then rest, repeat. Total time on bands was probably only about 15 minutes.

After that I just decided my body was telling me it wanted rest. I probably could have soldiered through it, but I just decided to end it. Tomorrow is chest and back day, I've been looking forward to that. I like lifting days... anyway, I need to come up with a better routine for my cardio days. Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I can't just keep relying on elliptical HIIT. Besides getting boring, I seem to be getting actually WORSE at it than I was when I first started. But today I believe the main issue was DOMS in my legs and glutes. Tuesday I will hit HIIT to the end, 20 minutes plus 10 warm up/cool down. Wednesday I don't know yet... maybe I'll find some stuff online that I like. I saw some things that I may try out. I feel weird doing all the bouncing around punching air, slapping my knees crap... But I need something different for all three days. The same thing over and over again gets old. As much as my big ass hates cardio, I need to find a way to keep myself interested.

Okay, late as hell and I still have to go cook that chicken. Hoping for a better day tomorrow.

06-13-2010, 07:59 PM
Just occurred to me that I forgot to take my L-tyrosine before my workout. I've been taking it for I guess a week or so now and have been doing pretty well. I don't know how much of that I can attribute to the L-tyrosine, but I just think it's worth noting that I couldn't get into my workout today and I didn't take it before hand. Are these things related? I don't know...

Also, been having a wicked case of diarrhea since I started taking creatine. I accidentally took my whole loading dose at once last night, but have split it into three 10g doses today. Last night was much worse, but today I've had a few sudden sprints to the toilet as well. I'm hoping this goes away if it's related to the creatine. I'd hate to have to deal with this all week while I'm going through the loading phase. If it is the amount I'm ingesting causing this, then I may abandon loading and go down to about 5g (1 tsp) a day. But the point of mentioning this is I wonder if a combination of my eating being off today (small breakfast) and the diarrhea (lost nutrients and hydration) could have resulted in my lethargy today. Just a thought.

06-14-2010, 09:23 PM
Not really satisfied with my performance today. I'm way too weak. I've gotta get stronger. This is unacceptable. If I wasn't such a wimp I'd kick my own ass. :) Seriously, though, I've got a LOT of work to do. Can't wait for my power cage... gonna open up a lot of stuff to me.

I forgot my L-tyrosine again today. Didn't feel too bad during the workout, though. Not really sure how much (if anything) that stuff really does, but I do want to try to remember to take it pre-wo from now on.

My food got all messed up again today... High calories and lower protein than I like on a lifting day. I'm taking grape juice with my creatine, which is like 200 calories for 10 oz. I wasn't sure how much to take with the creatine, and everyone says the grape juice is important for transporting the stuff into your muscles or whatever. I dunno... whenever I read about that stuff I only retain about 20% of it. Anyway, I ended up with an extra 600 calories and really over did it. I want to lose as much fat as I can, so I'm pretty pissed at myself for doing this today. I'm gonna try to make it up by eating less for the next two days. I'm only gonna use as much grape juice as it takes to wash the creatine down next time, also going down to one teaspoon a day. Screw loading. I'm crapping like Niagara Falls over here. My usual goal for caloric intake is 3000 calories a day. According to a WBB article (To Bulk or Cut, That is the Question) I should be taking in like 3800. Other things say more or less. I have to look at my nutrition journal, but I think I was around 3800 or 3900 today. I'll see in a minute here. So I guess it's not a total disaster, just a disappointment. Fat and weak... no longer an option. I gotta get my shtuff together.

Here goes:

Bed 9:45p Wake 5a, broken sleep. Woke around 1a to go pee... gotta start drinking more water in the day so I don't try to drink so much at night. I don't fall back asleep easily.

Nutrition (cal/prot)

1st Meal:
Whey 2scoops 240/48
Oats 1c 300/10
Peanut Butter 1tbsp 95/4
Grape Juice 200/0
Fish Oil 2g18/0
Coconut Oil 1tbsp 126/0
Creatine 10g
Centrum Multi 2
TOTAL: 979/62

2nd Meal:
Almonds 1/2c 400/14
Rice Chex 1c 100/2
Blueberries ??? but prob negligible. Just added a few to above mix.
Supreme Protein bar 400/32
TOTAL: 900/48

3rd Meal:
Healthy Choice 300/20
Tuna 1 can 100/22
TOTAL: 400/42

4th Meal:
Peanut Butter 1tbsp 95/4
Wheat Bread 1sl 90/4
Skim Milk 2c 180/16
Apple 116/0
Lo-Carb Monster 10/0
Honey 2tbsp 128/0 (took one pre-wo, one mid workout. Heard it helped with energy.)
Grape Juice 200/0
Creatine 10g
TOTAL: 819/24

5th Meal:
Whey 2sc 240/48
Tilapia 2pc 220/48
Grape Juice 200/0
Creatine 10g
TOTAL: 660/96

6th Meal:
Cottage Cheese 1c 160/24
TOTAL: 160/24

TOTALS: 3928/296

So I'm dissappointed in myself. Usually I start my nutrition journal the night before and stick to it, today I just kinda ate. I thought I was gonna run behind because I forgot to buy sandwich meat for lunch and left my usual oat bar at home, I didn't write anything down today until after my 4th meal. Just got lazy and didn't add things up, plus all that grape juice. As I said, I'm not going to bother with all that grape juice to take the creatine anymore. Just a mouthful or so to swallow the stuff down. About 4oz I guess, which should be 80 calories. And once a day, not 3x. I'll try to cut back on the next couple of days to make up for things if I can, still eating every couple of hours to keep my metabolism going.


Chest & Back

Started with preacher curls just because I felt like it. I know it was chest and back day, but I just wanted to hit my biceps again. Waiting a week between repeating a muscle group doesn't seem right. I may drop a cardio day or something and try to work 4 lifting days a week in. 3 doesn't seem like enough. I want to make sure I'm getting enough rest, but from Thursday to Monday just seems like a long time, then having to wait until Thursday again to hit them... I gotta think about how I want to set this up.

Warm up (pushups, crunches, light weights with gradual increases: curls, lat raises. Less than 15 min)

Preacher Curls 30# 10x1
Preacher Curl Negs 40# 10x1 (Used two fingers from other hand to help weight up, slowly lowered)
DB Incline Flies to press 30# 10x2 (each rep one fly then one press)
BB Rows 160# 10x3
BB Shrugs 160# 10x1
BB Shrugs 180# 12x2
Incline Bench Press 80# 10x1
Incline Bench Press 80# 9x1 *SEE NOTE1*
DB Press 40# 10x3
DB exercise 40# 15x3 *SEE NOTE2*
Lat Pull Down (wide grip) 137# 6x3
Lat Pull Down (narrow reverse grip) 137# 6x3
Butterfly Press 80# 10x3
Seated Press 144# 8x2 *SEE NOTE3*
Butterfly Press 69# 10x1 *SEE NOTE3*

Overall, I'm not happy with myself. I should be able to move more weight than this. I got pretty fatigued towards the end. I need to work on a chest routine. I feel like I work my arms harder than my pecs. Also, my barbell is WAY too short. I can't get a good wide grip on it, which I think is an issue. There are three notes I'd like to make:

I really wanted to use more weight on the bench press, but my bench is way too small for me, for one thing, and I don't have one of those rack things to hold the barbell, so I have to get the weight up from my lap to a press position, which I found difficult or impossible with heavier weight. Then I'm just wary of doing this exercise with no spotter or any way to rack the bar. The second set, I had a lot of trouble on the 9th rep. Could have gone longer, but I was too chickenstick to keep going. Safety first. When I get my power cage, this problem will be half solved. When I get a real bench, it'll be completely solved.

I don't know if this is a real exercise... just something I tried to do tonight and I felt it my (traps?) shoulder blade area. Felt like it was doing something, so I did three sets of 15. I just let the DB's hang at my sides and did something half way between a shrug and a row, but I squeezed my shoulder blades together more than shrugging my shoulders. Felt like it was working my back, so I just kept doing it.

Was too tired to hit the press as heavy as I would have liked to try tonight by this point. I could barely get the 8 reps at 144. The last one of the second set almost didn't happen, but I got it. Since I didn't do the third set I wanted, I went ahead and did an extra set of butterfly's, albeit with less weight.

So that's it for tonight. I may start making these entries less detailed. It takes too long to type all of this in and seems perhaps unnecessary. I wanted to be detailed, but I know I can't keep up with all of this. I keep my nutrition journal in a notebook, so perhaps it's less important here. I wanted to be able to look back on this down the road, but I don't know if it's worth the time and effort to keep it up. I may just do like I see in other journals and just post the workout and maybe some notes from here out. We'll see.

06-17-2010, 09:55 PM
Boy... last couple of days have been off for me. I'm just not going to bother posting for June 15th or 16th. Tuesday was HIIT cardio, plus I did some speed rows with the resistance tubes. Wednesday was a really messed up day at work and I had to skip working out. Just didn't have time. Got off really late (over 14 hours) then had only a few hours before I had to go to bed. So I'll make up for that on Friday, which is usually my day off.

Also, at least for now I'm leaving out the nutrition stuff. Just too tedious and I have it all in a notebook anyway. I really wanted to have it all together with my workouts so I could look back on it, but I didn't take into account how screwed up my schedule is sometimes when I started this thing.

Also, I bought an EZ curl bar today as well as four 2.5# plates and two 25#ers. I think this is gonna make things much better for me from now on. Still need a lot of plates, though. I hate having to change things over all the time.

So, without further adieu, here's what I did tonight:


Triceps Extensions 56# x8, 51#x9, 46# 10x2 (Kept elbows pointing forward, made it harder. Not sure if that's correct)
BB Curls (Wide Grip) 85# 10x1, 75# 10x3
BB Curls (Narrow Grip) 75# 6x1, 70 10x2
Reverse Grip Curls (w/ triceps bar) 46# 10x2 (elbow pain, had to stop)
BB Upright Rows (Wide Grip) 95# 12x1, 100# 12x2 (failed last rep, second set)
BB Upright Rows (Narrow Grip) 100# 10x3
DB Kickbacks 25# x15, 30# x15 (Just realized I was doing these wrong... did not bend my elbow, kept arm straight.)
Overhead DB Press 40# 6x1, 35# 10x3 (Wrong form again... brought elbows all the way down to sides and DBs to chin level for every rep)
Isolated Bicep Curls 35# 10x1 followed by 15 negative reps

Was pretty tired from work today. Also, haven't been sleeping hardly at all. My right elbow has been hurting again, woke up with it sore this morning. Hope it's not gonna stay like this. Got worse on the reverse curls. Maybe using the triceps bar for that was a bad idea, probably not able to hold it right. Could have added more weight, but I was just doing those between sets on the narrow grip upright rows rather than taking a break.

My left thumb still gives me trouble with dumbbells. Dislocated it at work a while back and like an idiot didn't report it or go see a doc. Just jammed it back in place and kept working. Seemed to get better, but sometimes when I put pressure on it it starts hurting again like a mother. Also, I need to start leading one armed exercises with my LEFT arm. It's much weaker than my right and besides the thumb pain issue I just had a lot of trouble making the 10 reps for the isolated bicep curls. Had to cheat up the last couple of regular reps and I was really hurting for those last few negs. Need to set the number of reps and weight for what my left arm can handle until I equalize the two arms.

06-19-2010, 10:28 PM
I really need to get wrist straps. My left hand is unable to hold the BB when I do calf raises. I really wanted to do those tonight, but I couldn't risk dropping the weights on my tile floors. I'll get some of that rubber flooring stuff soon, too. Need to make sure to get more forearm/grip exercises done. Part of my problem may come from arthritis, but I think I can strengthen my grip up a bit if I work on it. Although, if I do the calf raises earlier in the workout, maybe that would help as well. Felt something unnatural in my back (lower left) when I went to set the weight down after only 10 reps on the calf raises. Almost lost the bar from my left hand and went down with it wrong. I think I heard a click. Didn't hurt much then, but now a few hours later, I feel it a bit more. Will probably SUCK tomorrow.

Also, I have a problem with these front squats. I purchased an EZ curl bar the other day and used it to power clean the weight to perform the front squats. My wrists can't really take that. I just heard from someone that I need a special bar that turns to perform the power clean properly. I didn't know that... Anyway, I'll be doing front squats with the triceps bar from now on until I get a power cage and can start doing back squats.

Protein intake was lower today than what I wanted. I got about 236. I shoot for at least 300-350 on lifting days (I'm 267lbs). Been reading a lot about how that's not really so important, but I don't know. Seems like no mater what one "expert" says, six more say the opposite. And none of them agree. Seems like we've come far enough medically where we should know more about this kind of stuff. There should be more concrete science out there...

Anyway, here's what I got in tonight:

Front Squats 120# 8x3, 100# 10x3 (wrists hurt like hell)
Sumo Squats 105# 20x1, 125# 15x3
Dead Lift 290# 7x3
Calf Raises 290# 10x1 (left hand crapped out on me, tweaked back)
Step Ups 80# (on knee high table) 12x1 (between my back and left hand I said screw it after I did both legs)

Would have liked to have done more. The Sumo's felt good. I think next week I'll shoot for more weight. Maybe 150, maybe more. Get it around 6-10 reps. I need to see how my back feels later in the week, may have to skip the dead lift next time. But I may get the calfs in early next time because they seem to get the shaft every time I work out. Calfs and forearms... gotta spend more time there. Felt bad about crapping out on the step ups. Crapped out on them two ways. First I didn't feel like taking the weight off of the barbell (it's on the floor... my back didn't feel too great) so I just grabbed two 40# hex DB's, which is the heaviest I have. Second way was after 12 reps per leg I just wanted to eat and shower, so I did. Should have put in at least two more sets. Also, wanted to do rack pulls but I forgot. I knew I was forgetting something... Might try high pulls next week. Those look fun.

06-19-2010, 11:30 PM
There are times when I'm at that point to where I'm done, but usually I'm stuck here at work anyway, and there's nothing else to do so might as well finish er up. I don't have that problem at home for some reason. I guess it's because I'm more comfortable in my own domain, plus right now it's strongman stuff only.

06-19-2010, 11:47 PM
You get to work out on your job? That's nice. My job's pretty physically intense, but it doesn't get my heart rate up like working out. I guess it's just being used to it over the years. New guys tend to fall out pretty easy... I guess it's like they say about your body adapting.

I think I would have done more if A. I hadn't tweaked my back, B. Had wrist straps (bad left hand) and C. I had more of a structured routine. I just kinda set up the box fan, move the tables out of my way and go, "Alright, what do I want to do first?" If I had a set plan of things to do, I'd have done them all. Feel like crap about it now, though. I'm gonna kick my ass in cardio tomorrow, though. And that's always a ton of fun after squatting. :)

I really want to try some of that strongman stuff. Thought about getting some DIY stuff together and giving some of it a go. Lightly at first, but building it up. Maybe I can replace regular cardio with prowler-type stuff. That looks a lot more fun.

06-19-2010, 11:52 PM
Yeah they built us this nice new police department and fully furnished it. Beats the heck out of the old gym we had, a bench (sort of) a squat rack and squeeked to high heaven, a few treadmills that you chanced your life on, a crappy bike and a heavy bag right in the middle of everything. The strongman stuff is easy for DIYers. Get a tire from an old tractor tire place and you're good to go, usually they'll give them to you because it's more expensive for them to recycle them.

06-20-2010, 12:06 AM
Yeah they built us this nice new police department and fully furnished it. Beats the heck out of the old gym we had, a bench (sort of) a squat rack and squeeked to high heaven, a few treadmills that you chanced your life on, a crappy bike and a heavy bag right in the middle of everything. The strongman stuff is easy for DIYers. Get a tire from an old tractor tire place and you're good to go, usually they'll give them to you because it's more expensive for them to recycle them.

Yeah, I'd heard that about the tractor tires. I need to look around and see about that. Don't have much of a yard for flipping, I may get two or three then have to go the other way, back and forth. Then I got the dog crap land mines... :) But someone gave me an idea of making a sled with an old tire... I think I'm gonna do that. Then I was thinking of strapping something... barrel or something, I dunno yet... sack of rocks... to a hand truck and going up and down the steep hills in the park by my house. I dunno... just want to do something different.

06-20-2010, 12:25 AM
Yeah, hell anything that gets you gasping for air works. The dog crap landmines would suck, I have to deal with little yorkie dog crap landmines, but if I had a big dog it'd definitely be an issue. I have fun flipping the tire once, running to the other side, flipping it back, works real well if you've got 2 people or more. Just move to Texas, we'll have a blast training together.

06-20-2010, 12:44 AM
Yeah, well you don't so much step in Rebel's mess as walk into it. :) But I'm thinking more and more about this tire idea since you said this. Been watching YouTube. Beating the hell out of it with a sledge hammer looks like just what I need. Never even thought about that. Can't wait to see my neighbors faces. They already think I'm some kinda freak.

06-20-2010, 12:53 AM
Haha, that's the best part. Get you a 16lb sledge, and some smaller 5lb ones, go hard with the 16lb sledge, then grab the two smaller ones and start it up with sort of a pounding motion, like you're beatin the crap out of someone for a good 40 reps. There's a lot more to a tire than just flipping it. It's a dang good workout.

06-21-2010, 08:40 PM
Days like today make working out difficult. Busted ass at work for 10 hours, got home ate a crappy pre-wo meal (Healthy Choice heat & eat. Beef 'n taters, veggies, apple cobbler) had a sugar free Rockstar (which hit me good, seeing as I usually get Monsters or if I get Rockstar I get the zero-carb. Switching types of energy drinks is a good idea now and then) then just before working out, had a scoop of whey mixed in some low calorie Gatorade. Let all that settle, then hit the weights.

For every exercise, I only took enough of a break to change the weights on drop sets and if I used the same weight two sets in a row, I took 30-60 seconds. Time between exercises was about the same. Took one break for about 2 or 3 minutes to get some Gatorade. I was strict about this, and it felt good. I think I usually let myself rest too much between sets. I didn't feel like I was ready a couple of times, but surprised myself. I know more experienced guys would laugh at what I did tonight, but it kicked my ass.

Funny thing is, after eating and showering, now I feel ready to go do it again... well... maybe not. But I could go do a bit more. Unfortunately I gotta go to bed soon. Actually, should be in bed now. This is part of the reason I don't get enough sleep. Getting home with 4 hours before bed time. I'm sneaking in another hour here. Might get a good 6 hours of sleep tonight.

I left a few things out that I wanted to do tonight. I was gonna give the incline BB press another go, but that's not so great to do until I get something to rack the bar on, anyway. I wanted to go back and do incline DB presses, when I started them before I was too tired to get even the 40#'s up more than 6 times. I set them down and forgot to go back... oh, well.

I hit the seated press (I think that's what you call it. Chest press? The thing on the Weider 8920 that you press... while seated...) and was disappointed by the amount of weight I could move. I need to build that up severely. That was pathetic. I haven't been working with that as much lately. Gonna start hitting it harder.


None of this tonight was anywhere near satisfactory. I need to get stronger. These numbers are pathetic.

Unfortunately, I got two cardio days coming up now. Tomorrow is gonna be elliptical HIIT and Wednesday will be more anabolic complexes (not sure if that's the right name.... DB swings, bursts of pushups for reps, crunches with weights, crap like that) but Thursday I get to hit the weights again for arms and shoulders.

So here's what I did tonight:


Seated Press Machine 172# 2x, 162# 3x, 153# 2x, 144# 6x, 4x, 3x, 115# 10x, 10x, 106# 10x
Lat Pull Down (wide grip) 137# 8x, 126# 10x, 115# 10x
Lat Pull Down (narrow grip) 115# 10x
Lat Raises 25# 10x1
Reverse DB Flies 20# 10x1, 15#12x3
DB Fly Presses 30# 9x1, 8x3 (Each rep a DB Fly followed by a DB press)
Incline DB Press 40# 6x1 (meant to come back and redo for 10x3, but forgot by the end of workout.)
BB Shrugs 200# 10x1, 190# 10x1, 180# 15x2, 180# 20x1
Upright BB Rows 110# 10x2
DB Rows 40# 15x1, 55# 12x3 (Use more weight next time. These were too easy.)
Butterfly Press 84# 10x3

So that was it. Now it's about bed time. I'm tired as hell and my freaking delts hurt. :) Not much, but I can tell I'll feel the hell out of them tomorrow. Pecs, too. :D

06-21-2010, 10:18 PM
Patience young grasshopper. It was explained once to me by a very old man, that progress in this realm is much like coffee, it drips from the maker, it doesn't pour, it drips. Why? That's because it takes a long, slow process to make that coffee so damn good, likewise it takes time to make us what we want to be. Keep at it, the numbers will progress, no worries, just keep doing it.

06-22-2010, 04:45 PM
I hear ya, Mark. You're right. And I can look in the mirror and see I'm progressing, which is a lot of motivation to keep it up. But I've just always been the kind of guy to berate myself a lot to make myself move forward. Hey, at 6'4 and well over 300lbs, not too many people have been willing to berate or push me around, so I gotta do it myself. :) By that same token, I think I let all that "over training" stuff I read scare me too much and it made me afraid to push myself or work past the point of pain or failure. I'm gonna stop worrying so much about hitting even numbers of reps and really start to push myself harder. Doing the drop sets without rest (esp. with the seated press) seemed to work out pretty well. I'm gonna start using that a lot more.

Mostly I was disappointed in my lat raises and reverse flies. 25# to 15#? That's no good... I'm gonna start hitting that harder, too. I'm so used to thinking of myself as strong as hell, based on my performance on jobs. Lifting weights is truly a humbling experience. But I'm gonna persevere.

...now I want coffee... :)

06-23-2010, 05:32 PM
Whew... two evil cardio days down. Finally getting back to lifting tomorrow. Huzzah!!! Huzzah!!! Really disappointed that people don't say Huzzah! more often.

Anyway, I won't be bothering to post much on my cardio. Just a quick rundown. Yesterday was HIIT on the elliptical. I feel like I'm actually getting worseat cardio as time goes by... bleh... I can't remember exactly what I did. I think I dropped my warmup down to two minutes and adjusted my ratios of sprint:jog. Also, intensified my sprint by a bit and instead of sprint:walk I'm doing sprint:jog. I was doing about 1 minute Sprint to a 30 second walk, but now I'm doing more like 30 second sprint (a bit faster than the other sprint) to a 1 minute jog. I think my RPM's on the elliptical are like 95-105 to 60-75. I can keep this up a lot longer than the old way. I believe I did a 2 minute warm up and then cycled the HIIT for about 15 minutes, then did 65-75 RPMs for a little while. I can't remember how long. 5-10 minutes tops. In that last 5-10 minutes I threw in a few sprints up to 85 RPMs for 15-30 seconds. I keep the resistance on 4. I tried raising it, but I'm not sure if it matters for this. 4 feels closer to natural resistance from walking. Maybe a little heavier. 3 is maybe closer to natural.

Tonight I did kind of a hodgepodge of different things for a little under 15 minutes. I didn't keep track of reps or how many sets of anything, I just tried to keep moving and keep my heart rate up. I took three or four 15 second breathers because my heart was going so hard. Just long enough to settle and catch my breath. Basically what I did was:

*Bursts of push ups as fast as I could, stopping when I had to start to strain. Didn't go all the way to the ground, maybe about half way or a little more. Was going for speed, not strength. Got maybe 10 or so in before moving on. Repeated a few times.

*Crunches with 50# DB on my chest, then with bodyweight only.

*Walk-outs till my legs got too sore

*Burpees till my legs crapped out. My legs always seem to crap out first. Just get sore as hell before I'm tired...

*Frog Jumps till, you guessed it, my legs crapped out

*Dumbbell swings 40#

*Dumbbell tosses - I kinda made this up. I take the 40#'er and bring it from waist height and toss it back and forth between my hands. When I catch it, I bring it back to waist height, the up again to launch into the other hand. These are kinda risky, though, because if I miss or drop it I'll screw up my tile. I need to get some of those thick rubber mats... So I don't do these to exhaustion or with more than 40# for now.

*Ran back and forth across the room, doing jumping jacks every so often

Kept that up for about 15 minutes just going randomly from one thing to another. After that I got on the elliptical under the "endurance" program level 1 for about 18 minutes out of 30.

So total workout was just over a half an hour. I really need to get better at cardio. I also need to find some stuff that I can do that's less leg-intensive. Mainly for Sunday's and Tuesdays, which I'm still feeling the DOMS from Saturdays on.

I've looked over some other journals today. I haven't really been doing that. I want to start doing this more and see what other people are doing. I looked over a couple (Mark and Unholy) and was really inspired to keep working. May try to spend some time tonight after dinner looking over some stuff. I'm trying to keep my head in this game, reading muscle mags (still feel odd buying them, don't know why... never had a problem buying porn or Tiger Beat. J/K about Tiger Beat. :D I felt odd as hell, but Justin Beaver is just so damn dreamy!) and looking over this site a lot. I spend a lot of time looking at my arms in the mirror and marveling at how I see stuff moving there I didn't know existed...

Was reading about Stan Efferding in Flex last night. I don't know much about these bodybuilder/weight lifter guys. I've heard a lot of names and seen stuff on YouTube, etc... and obviously I get bombarded with Bill Kazmaier, Ron Coleman, Jay Cutler, Zack Kahn, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and so on but I'm only just learning more about these guys. Stan Efferding seems like a bad mother. I like his whole thing about wanting to have the figure of a bodybuilder and the strength of a powerlifter. I can relate to that.

Okay... chickens gonna be overdone.

06-24-2010, 09:26 PM
Ugh... what an awful day I had today. Actually, this week has been pretty bad. Although, I should have a good check coming from it, since I hit some decent OT. I usually like weeks like this, and I've had much heavier and had no problem. But when you add the workout schedule it's kinda brutal. I'm not gonna let it stop me. I plan on trying to get a new job soon anyway. Been saying that for years... but I really mean it... this time... I do... seriously, you guys...

Anyway, barely slept last night (again) and was running on fumes today. Had two 16oz Monsters before noon and then downed a 5 Hour Energy shot later. Then another 6 Hour shot later in the afternoon. Just to keep awake while driving... then when I finally got home after making some groceries, I was just whipped. Still, did the best I could, but I just felt so damn weak. I had to fight for every single stinking rep. My right elbow still kinda hurts, I really don't want to stop lifting but I may have to so it can heal (hopefully quickly.) Finished just in time to shower and sleep. Skipping dinner, but I'm okay calorie and protein-wise. I just had an extra shake to even it up some. Not really hungry anyway.

My left arm is an utter disgrace. Holy hell I need to work on it. I think tonight it was way worse. I felt like a little girl. The Preacher curls were horrible for my left. I wanted to use 50# DB's but my left wasn't having it. Couldn't do even 40#'ers. The 30's it got, but I had to assist on the last couple of reps per set with my right hand. My right arm, however, could easily do the 30's and 40's. I should be using 50#'s on my right arm, but I need to let my left catch up. Sucks. But I think tonight was just a crappy, worn out night.

Saturday morning I plan on adding an extra workout. Saturday's are my leg day, but I'm going to do those in the late afternoon/early evening and in the morning I'll do some chest, back, arms and shoulders. That way I'm hitting all of that twice a week instead of just once. I'll focus more on the arms on Saturday morning because I feel I gypped 'em this evening.

So here's what I managed tonight. So much more I wanted to do... just feel so weak and tired tonight:

DB Curls 40# 10x4
Seated Arnold Press 30# 15x2, 40# 8x2
Tricep Bar Lying Tri Extensions 56# 10x2, 46# 12x2 *like a Skullcrusher, but going behind the head. Not sure about the name.
Barbell Curls 85# 10x1, 80# 10x3
DB Preacher 30# 10x3 *Lowered weight to accommodate the left arm, which was WEAK AS HELL tonight.
DB Preacher Negs 40# 10x2
Overhead Seated Triceps Extensions 56# 10x3 *Failed last rep, last set
Reverse Grip DB Curls 30# 10x3

I think if I'd have gotten off earlier and gotten a real pre-workout meal in, and if I wasn't just so damn tired (also thinking all the energy drinks may have had an effect on me) I could have gotten more done. I've been looking forward to today since Monday. Sucks that I felt so crappy. I really wanted to push more weight this week than last. Gotta get that left arm built up. I also notice in the mirror that my right shoulder is shaping up much better than my left. My whole left arm and shoulder just look so pathetic compared to the right, which isn't really all that great itself. I don't know how many people on here remember the old Beetlejuice animated show from back in the 90's. There was this one bad guy character that had one massive arm and one little skinny one... I just think of him a lot.

Seems like my elbow hurts more if I leave it folded for a while then try to straighten it... but it stops hurting after I straighten it for a while. Bleh. This sucks. Okay, I'm tired as hell. Going to bed now. Maybe I can still get almost 6 hours of sleep... so glad tomorrow is Friday...

06-26-2010, 07:26 PM
Man, I'm glad this week is over. Here's to hoping that next week is better. I don't know what it's been. I've just felt crappy all week and my workouts have been suffering. My elbow's not helping matters, but mostly I've just had next to no energy. Probably a combination of a lack of sleep and over working myself. Work's been a B all week, then working out on top of that. Then not sleeping... bleh... So last night I got like 10 hours of sleep, which is amazing. I usually only get about 5 or 6 tops. But I was still tired all day so I took a 3 hour nap. I'm not as sleepy now, but I still just feel... well... bleh... So I'm hoping this passes by Chest & Back Day (Monday). I usually feel great (if tired) after a workout. But lately I've just felt crappy. Tonight I had to do some serious willpower work to keep myself going. This was the first time since I started working out that I seriously considered flipping on the DVD player and watching Judy Garland sing for an hour and a half. Still gonna do that... but I'm gonna be all sweaty before hand (rather than like usual, where I'm sweaty afterwards... :) Judy was frigging HOT.)

Anyway, I bought some new 25# plates to increase my deads. Apparently I can't lift more than about 310. Disappointing. But I'll get there. I tried for 320 and only got up just past my ankles. Maybe it was just a bad night... maybe I'm just weak. I dunno. But I'm gonna keep at it. I bought some lifting straps because my left hand can't hold the weight very well. Does fine on dead lifting, but for calf raises I feel like I'm gonna lose it. Even with the straps I felt the weight slipping. After about 10 reps I had to put the bar down just to be safe. I really wish I had a calf press or something because I think I'm just gonna take these out of my work out from now on. Either that or use lighter weights with higher reps.

I felt a pain in my inner right thigh, up high, when I was doing the Sumo's. It kept with me for the step ups and the squats and was the major reason I stopped tonight. Now, 20 minutes later, it hurts a lot more when I walk. So that sucks. Hopefully it goes away.

I did things kinda backward tonight. Think I should have stuck to how I usually do it. I usually start with Squats, then do Sumo's, then Dead Lifts, then Step Ups, then whatever... This is what I did tonight:

Dead Lift: 320# FAIL, 310# 3x, 290# 3x
Dead Lift Calf Raises: 300# 12x1, 10x1, 280# 10x1
Dumbell Sumo Squats: 150# 10x3
17" Step Ups w/DB's: 100# 10x1
Tri Bar Front Squats: 116# 8x3

I like the Triceps Bar for front squats much more than the EZ bar or the straight bar. Much less wrist pain. I had to stop because of my right leg hurting. I need to seriously look at the way that I'm working out because first I've hurt my right elbow, now my right leg and my left elbow is starting to feel a little sore, too. I must be doing something wrong.

Okay, I'm going look at Judy till I fall asleep now. Because I'm that damn cool. That's what I do on a Saturday night. Right on.

06-28-2010, 06:40 PM
Ah... had much more energy tonight. I got me a Strawberry Shredder smoothie from Smoothie king with added energy stuff, caffine, and diet down stuff... about an hour or hour-and-a-half later I downed a Redline. 20-30 minutes later I was working out. This combo seems to really give me a lot of energy. Got to be careful not to over do that, though. Besides, it's expensive as hell.

One thing: I've been kind of feeling like a little girl about the weight (or lack there of) that I've been able to lift. I think this has led me to try to lift too much, even though I still feel like I'm not lifting enough. I need to get over myself. The big lifts will come later. I think I see guys benching 200+ pounds, 500+ pounds and I think I'm a giant P. for not being able to match it. But then I have to think these guys have been lifting for years where I just started. I think even on a few of the exercises tonight I should lower the weight next time just a bit to get a better range of motion and maybe a few more reps. Especially my shrugs. I was shrugging just now with no weights and I think if I pinch my shoulders back and get more height on my shoulders I will activate the muscles I want to hit much better. This means I need to use less weight than I am. I really wish I had someone experienced to train with that could help me out with this stuff. I look at the YouTube videos but when I go to doing it I know I'm doing a lot of stuff wrong. I'm trying to correct bad habits, but I need to get over this stupid macho attitude that makes me want to be lifting more than I should. But I'm just so disappointed in what I'm lifting now it's hard to think about lifting less. It's odd how I can be so strong on the job sites, but so weak in my living room.

Anyway, here's what I got in tonight. Once again using minimal rests between sets:

Tricep Bar Press 86# 8x1 *Only did one set because I felt this wasn't hitting my pecs at all. Switched to EZ bar
EZ Bar Press 85# 10x1, 90# 8x2 *I really need to get some kind of rack... I don't like doing this without one.
BB Shrugs 180# 12x3 *Hmmm... down from last week. But I think I was doing them more correctly this time.
Bent Over BB Rows 160# 8x3 *Unsure about my form here, I may need to lower the weight and bend over more.
Incline DB Fly Presses 35# 8x2 *Each rep a DB Fly followed by a DB press, so it's more like 16 reps per set.
Lying Lat Raises 25# 10x1 (per arm) *Need to look at vids... I'm unsure if I was doing this right. Felt it more in my triceps than anything.
Standing Lat Raises 25# 10x3 (per arm)
Reverse Flies 15# 12x3
DB Rows 75# 12x1, 95# 10x2 (per arm)
Butterfly Press 87# 8x1, 78# 6x1, 69# 8x2
Seated Press 144# 6x1, 5x1 *Dinner was burning... had to stop. Tired anyway.

Oh, also: It's not that I miss having DOMS in my legs. Because usually leg day (Saturday) has me walking like an old man on Monday, and usually a few more days after. But this is how I know I p'ed out of my workout on Saturday. My legs feel fine. I should have done more on Saturday.

07-01-2010, 08:53 PM
Ugh... Worked an 11 hour day today, busted ass, too. Got home with just a few hours before having to go to bed. Should be in bed already. Barely squeezed in a workout. I was gonna skip tonight and just do it tomorrow, which is my usual off day. But I got it in, such as it was. May try to get in a little more on Saturday.

My left arm is really pissing me off. On isolated bicep curls, I can do 50# no problem with my right hand, but my left hand can only do 30#'s. I hate that. So I do the 30's with my left, but it feels so pointless on my right. I'm not sure what I should do. I hate to let my right arm get weaker just to let my left catch up. But I don't want to over train my left by adding extra workouts for it only. Too tired to think. Gotta sleep. Work sucks. I wanna be a kid again.

Here's what I did:

Tricep Bar Skull Crushers 56# 10x3
Hammer Curls 45# 10x1, 40# 10x3
Seated Military DB Press 45# 6x1, 40# 8x2
DB Shrugs 80# 1x12, 70# 15x2
Bicep Isolation Curls 40# 6x1, 30# 10x3 - Left arm can't handle 40#'s. Right can breeze through them... gotta catch my left up.
Tricep Bar Extensions 61# 10x3
Tricep Bar Preacher Curls 61# 8x3 - last two sets I tried to focus on my left arm. I felt my right bicep burning and not much in my left. I think I was lifting most of the weight with my right arm on the first set, maybe the second as well.
Wrist Curls 40# 10x3
DB Curls 40# 10x1 *Only did one because it was so late and I need sleep.

I've been thinking about adding another arm day, mostly because of my weak assed left arm. Maybe Saturday mornings, then do legs Saturday evenings. May actually mix it up on Saturday and hit things that I feel need extra work, like my left arm, calves, and forearms. Not sure how it's gonna work out, though. Tried to do it last week but didn't get to it. Gonna try to get it in this week. Okay... thirsty and sleepy. Gonna go take care of that.


07-03-2010, 09:41 PM
I'm starting to hate leg day more than cardio day... :) Not really. I just find that I'm starting to actually feel weaker. I think I would really benefit from a training partner. Too bad I don't know anyone who's interested. My dead lift was weak as hell tonight. I don't know what it was. I hate to start taking weight down on these things, but maybe I should. Maybe next week I'll lower the weight and do everything for higher reps. See if that helps me out any.

Looks like my power cage is going to be getting put off for quite a while. It's really disappointing. But I need to go to the eye doctor and Rebel (my dog) has fleas, so I have to get flea stuff for the house and for him. Plus paying bills, etc... I'm not going to have any excess money this month. Really sucks because I really want this power cage. I want to be able to do back squats and bench presses and chin ups and all the things I could do with this cage. I may go ahead and get one of those Iron Gyms or Total Gyms or whatever it's called, the thing for the doorway. That way I can start trying pull ups. Also, it's good for push ups, I hear. I use my 40# DB's for that now, but they slip sometimes. Can even use the thing for dips. Maybe lay it between two small tables for deeper dips... I dunno. I'll see if I have a spare $40 or so next week. Might, might not...

Anyway, here's what I got in tonight. Not impressive, kinda crapped out on the dead lift. Just couldn't get it up for the second set and decided not to risk hurting my back trying. Tried to do 76# lunges, but my legs were jelly after all the squats. Almost fell. :) Just did one set of step ups because my dinner was ready.

Also, my left hand seems to be a real problem for me. I really need to strengthen it. The calf raises were once again thwarted by my left hands inability to hold the weight. Tried a wrist strap for the last set, but still only got in 15 reps before I felt like I was gonna drop it. Gotta figure something out...

Anyway, here:

Tricep Bar Front Squats: 121# 10x2, 136# 6x1, 5x1
Sumo Squats 150# DB: 12x2, 10x2
Dead Lift 300# 6x1, 280# 2x1 *WTF happened here tonight?
Step Ups 80# 10x1 (per leg)

Think I need to reassess how I'm doing leg day. Feel like I should have more varied workouts, but I need to see what I can do with what I have. I need to use the tricep bar for front squats because the EZ bar and my other bar bell just kill my wrists. I could increase the weight on the Sumo's, but it's hard enough getting 6 25# plates on that DB handle. I need some 50# plates or longer DB handles... maybe I'll try something I saw where you use a barbell between your legs. Looks uncomfortable, but I'd have to try it to see.

I don't know if I'm doing enough. I don't know if I should be using more weight... or if I should do more sets... or if I should throw in more exercises. I just don't feel like I'm doing enough. But I do get pretty tired doing this. I'm a little afraid of squats because I don't have a safety net here. If I drop the weight or whatever I can damage my floor or myself. Kinda makes me afraid to push myself. I do this in front of the couch so I can drop the weight there, but still... I need a power cage...

07-05-2010, 07:27 PM
Ah. My favorite day. Chest & Back Day. Kinda scaled back the weight slightly on some things and I think the result was a more satisfying workout. Kinda feel like a pansy, but I felt more activation in my muscles and think I was using far better form. I also think I'm going to start increasing my rep range for many exercises to between 12 and 15 reps rather than 8 to 10. Some things I'll still stay in that 8-10 range, but since I think I should be focusing on fat loss for at least another 40 or 50 pounds, I think I'll keep the weight lower and increase reps. Still I'll be throwing in some heavier stuff, too. I know a lot of people say bulk then cut, and it's probably best, but I really just want to get to that "not fat" stage as quickly as I can, even if it means sacrificing gains. I'm not really eating for gains anyway, so it's probably pointless to lift for them.

Tried to do a ghetto t-bar row by putting two 40# DB's on the end of my bar... felt great. I really l like that exercise. Problem is, the DB's slipped and I dropped the plates on the bar (didn't have the clamp on...) Tried it a second time with the weights and bar against the wall, so the DB's wouldn't slip, but just kinda wussed out. I'm too scared of dropping weights on my tile. I need to make a little rig so I can do this exercise more... One way I found that works is to lift with the long part of the bar in front of me, but the more weight I put the less grip space I have. Going the other way, with the bar between my legs, I have to worry about the bar moving. So I abandoned that.

I'm not one of those guys that wants to be freakishly big. I just want to look decent and be strong. But I do want freakish traps and shoulders, and a strong chest. So I need to focus more on building all of that up, especially traps. I want those f'ers up to my ears. :)

Anyway, here's what I did tonight:

DB Fly Presses 35# 8x3 *Each rep a fly followed by a press
DB Flies 25# 15x3
DB Bent Over Rows 95# 10x3
Ghetto T-Bar Row 150# 15x1, 200# 6x1 (weights slipped) 8x1 (against wall) *Gave up on this until I can find a safer way to do it
DB Shrugs 75# 15x4
DB Press 40# 10x2
Lat Raises 20# 10x3
Rev Fly 20# 10x2
Butterfly Press 78# 10x1, 8x1, 69# 5x1 *no rest, 78# 10x1
Lat Pull Down (Narrow Grip) 137# 10x1
Lat Pull Down (Wide Grip) 115# 10x3
Shrugs 40# 30x1 *Just for the hell of it

07-08-2010, 06:38 PM
I've decided to move my leg day from Saturdays to Thursdays. There are good and bad things about this. The reason I moved the day is because I get horrible DOMS from leg day that lasts from Sunday all the way to Wednesday or Thursday, with Monday being the absolute worst and Tuesday still sucking. So I decided if I do legs on Thursday this will let me have the weekend to get through the worst of it rather than hobbling around at work. Also, it will make cardio on Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday a hell of a lot easier. The only bad thing is that I have to exercise after work and leg day is probably my most difficult day. I SUCK at squatting. I think it's probably due to my bodyweight as much as a lack of strength. But working all day before hand is just going to leave me with that much less energy for it. I'm gonna give it a go for a while, though, because I think it's better overall.

Today wasn't so difficult at work, but I was still pretty tired. I decided for a number of reasons to take it a little lighter today. Less weight, changed it up just slightly. I left the Sumo's out today. I want to see if my DOMS is much better doing this. Next week, I'll do less regular squats and more sumos. I think doing a bunch of front squats and a bunch of sumos all together may be a big contributor to my long lasting DOMS.

Anyway, here's what I did:

Warmup: crap load of body weight squats, lightly weighted squats, push ups, dips, and a hilarious attempt at pull ups.

Front Squats: 66# 25x1, 116# 10x2, 146# 6x1, 116# 10x1
Step Ups: 130# 5x1, 110# 5x1, 80# 8x2 (per leg)
Romanian Dead Lift: 250# 6x2, 220# 6x3
Dead Lift 290# 3x1, 2x1

Wanted to get more deads in, but I've been feeling weaker and weaker on these lately.

I bought an Iron Gym today. I suck at pull ups. I'm gonna hit 'em harder on Saturday I guess, and again Monday. I can't get up, but I can do negs and assisted and whatever else. Plus I can use it for dips.

07-11-2010, 02:43 AM
'Bout to go to bed... late as hell... here's what I got in earlier this evening:

Overhead DB press 40# 10x2, 9x1, 8x1 *Really need to work on this. OH press is so weak... struggled with this.
DB Curls 40# 12x4
Lying Triceps Extensions w/Triceps Bar 66# 10x1, 7x1 56# 12x1, 9x1 *I hang my head off the bench and go past my head with this, not like skull crushers.
Triceps Bar Hammer Curls 86# 10x3
EZbar Front Raises (narrow grip) 60# 20x1, 70# 20x1, 80# 15x1
EZbar Front Raises (wide grip) 80# 15x2 *Need to start with higher weight next time, then do wide and narrow grips.
Isolated Bicep Curls 40# 10x1, 35# 10x2 *Left arm assisted on last two reps of set 1, last four of set 2. Getting better, but my left arm still is so weak compared to my right.
Isolated Bicep Negative Curls 40# 10x1
DB Tricep Extension 50# 8x1 *Had two 25# plates on my DB handle... not comfortable for this movement. Didn't feel like changing plates or settling for 40# hex, so just ended.

I keep saying it, but I need to start hitting certain body parts twice a week. Traps, tri's and bi's mainly. Also, may start doing dumbbell rows on back day and on arm day to get them in twice.

I really need to strengthen all the muscles associated with pull ups, as well. I just bought an Iron Gym and have set a goal of being able to perform at least one unassisted pull up. I messed around on the pull up bar as part of my warm up (my warm up was a little too intense today, I think. I did kind of a lot...) but I'm planning on having a full on workout with it tomorrow. Then again on Thursday. I will attempt to do something on it almost every day, but those two days I will do much more. Still need to get some bands for assisted pull ups.

07-13-2010, 09:49 PM
Boy, time flew during my workout today. Seemed like I just got started and it was time to stop. I try not to go too much over an hour, hour and fifteen. No more than an hour and a half, but I try to be done in an hour. The problem is I have to be constantly changing the weights... bleh... I need more plate and more dumbbell handles so I don't have to do it so often. I'd really like to start collecting more dumbbells so I don't have to keep changing plates. Oh, well. My collections should keep growing. I haven't been doing this long and I've already got some decent stuff, I think. It can only get better.

Had yet another long day at work. About 10 and a half hours. Kinda tired, but I tried not to let it slow me down.

I really wanted to do lat pulldowns and focus more on DB rows, but I was running out of time. Next time I'd like to do pyramid sets or something for the DB rows. I want to really build those up. I really want a big back.

I'm not so sure about my form on some things. Bent rows felt wrong, I felt more in my arms than my back. Maybe I should lower the weight on the bar. I felt like I could do more weight, but I think I was using my arms too much and not hitting my back as much. I'm not sure if I'm shrugging high enough, either, with the DB shrugs. I can't shrug very high even without weights, but I'm not sure if I should lower the weight. I feel like I could do more... I don't know.

Anyway, here's what I got in:

25# DB, Fly Press, Lat Raises, Reverse Flies 10x1 *No rest from one to the other. Did this after warm up, still kinda just part of the warm up.
DB Fly Press 35# 10x1, 8x2
DB Flies 40# 6x1, 8x1
Lat Raises 35# 10x1, 15# 10x2
Reverse Flies 25# 12x2
DB Shrugs 85# 15x1, 75# 15x2
Bent Over BB Rows 170 # 12x1, 190# 8x1, 170# 10x1, 150# 10x2
Butterfly Press 78 12x1, 8x1, 69# 8x1, 60# 12x2
DB Rows 105# 10x1, 95# 10x2 (per arm)

07-15-2010, 08:04 PM
It seems like leg days are getting harder and harder... I just suck at squats. Even my dead lifts seem weaker every week. Not sure what the deal is... I need to figure something out. Still can't wait to get my power cage. Hoping I do better with back squats than front squats.

I think next week I'll be adding the sumo squats with the dumbbell back in. Unfortunately I can't get more than 150# on the dumbbell and that's even difficult to fit. I need to get some 50lbs plates or find longer DB handles. I tried it with a triceps bar and with a barbell. I put the barbell between my legs, something I saw on YouTube, but was very uncomfortable. So I tried it with the triceps bar and it was better, but still not great. I knocked it out with that, but next week I'm going back to the DB. Need to figure something out with that.

Anyway, here's what I did:

Front Squats (Triceps Bar) 66# 15x1, 116# 10x1, 136# 8x1, 146# 3x1, 136# 4x1, 116# 7x1 *Only enough rest to add/remove plates
Romanian Dead Lift 150# 15x1, 250# 5x3
Dead Lift 300# 3x1
Sumo Squat (Barbell) 250# 3x1 *Uncomfortable. BB between legs. Felt something in abdomen. Not gonna work...
Sumo Squats (Triceps Bar) 166# 10x1, 15x2 *Bar between legs, grabbed long sides. Not gonna work... go back to DB...

Should have kept going, but I was pretty tired. Had a rough day at work and just didn't have anymore juice in me. Also, probably didn't eat enough today. Got kinda light headed... Drank a NO-Xplode shot before workout. Got sick off the powder, not so bad off the liquid but I still don't think I like it. Not gonna mess with that crap again.

I had plans to do my pull up workouts on leg day, but that's not gonna work. I didn't really think it would. Need to figure out what day would be best for it. I want to have two days a week with it. One light day and one heavy. Thinking Sunday for heavy, maybe Wednesday for light. I'll have to figure it out. But I didn't do much with that tonight, so I won't bother posting it.

Still can't do a full unassisted pull up, but I'm definitely progressing after only a week of owning the thing. I can hold my chin over the bar much easier and longer now and can do a very limited range of motion up and down, which doesn't sound like much but it's more than I could do at first. This is in an underhanded narrow grip. Chin up grip, I think... The only big problem has been my right elbow which has been giving me problems for a while now. It seems to hurt more when I do this kind of stuff than anything. More than the elbow is my forearm, underside, thumbside close to my elbow. That muscle gets really sore and hurts. Could just be because I did arm workout on Tuesday and it's not ready... not sure. Gonna leave off the Iron Gym tonight and probably tomorrow and see how I feel Saturday.

07-17-2010, 07:01 PM
Realizing now why it's important to eat on a lifting day... Didn't eat much today. Need to get to the store. I think it affected my workout tonight. Also did a workout on the Iron Gym a bit before my lifting. Probably should have done that in the morning or something because I think I lost strength for the weights tonight. I was hoping to add weights on tonight, but I had trouble even doing stuff I did last week. Going to try to come back strong next week, though. I'm looking into some routines this weekend and am going to try to stick to one of them. My lack of equipment limits what I can do, but I'll just have to tweak something to my needs. Like instead of a bench press I'll just do dumbbell fly presses, which is an exercise I want to keep, anyway. Also my butterfly press isn't going anywhere, I feel like I've gotten a lot from that thing.

I'm not going to list what I did on the Iron Gym specifically because it wasn't really organized well and I didn't write anything down. Basically I did partial chins (very partial... I can get my chin from over the bar, a couple inches under, then back. That's it... about 4-6 reps), negative reps, hang with arms extended and pull up as far as I can (a few inches...), fat man pull ups (kinda... I put my feet on the dresser, which has my body at like a 45 degree angle when up to the bar), and a bunch of assisted pull ups using resistance tubes. I need some of those bands or something. The tubes aren't going to work. I stretch them out too much and I can just put one foot through the handles which has me with my feet in front of me and makes me swing. But it's all I got for now.

So here's what I got in tonight with the weights. Not satisfied... oh, also the triceps extensions weren't working so well because I have a pain in my right elbow. It was going away for a while, but the chin ups brought it back. Messed me up tonight for sure.

DB Overhead Press 40# 10x3
Lying Triceps Extensions 71# 8x1, 66# 7x1 6x1
Tricep Bar Hammer Curls 86# 10x1, 12x2
Standing Triceps Extensions 56# 15x1, 66# 6x1, 61# 9x1
DB Curls 40# 10x2
Wrist Curls 40# 10x1

Not a great night, but I'm going to make up for it. Wanted to do HIIT afterwards, but I really need to get to the grocery. I got nothing for dinner... so I'm going to go shower and go do that.

Lastly, not really sure about the future of this journal. I may decide to just keep my log in my notebook. I do anyway, so I don't really need this. I type more in here than just my workouts, but it's not really necessary. I haven't decided yet, but I may stop posting in here at least for a while.