View Full Version : My modest progress

06-19-2010, 09:55 PM
Hey all,

This is my progress so far...I was lifting pretty consistently for about 2 months...stopped for about a month, and have been regularly lifting for about a month. Trying to break the chain of stop and start and and just stick to it, but I've made a few gains. I've got tons of work to do all around, starting with my diet. I'm talking about mcdonalds, pizza, cookies...all that good stuff, but honestly I've been investing some time and money into some high quality proteins, shakes, yogurts, etc. I'm trying to work on my chest more, build deltoids, triceps, bicips, etc. Anyways just wanted to show ya'll we're I'm at.

The second pic is from 2 years ago when I was being a fruitbar and basically let myself go around so hungry that my body ate whatever little bit of muscle I did have. So yeah, theres been some change.

Good luck lifting,