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06-20-2010, 03:18 PM
Whats eveyrone eating on meet day.

Just curious to see if any one has any solid concrete ideas on meet day nutrition.

06-20-2010, 03:46 PM
I'm probably pretty bad meet day. I consume lots of Gatorade, protein bars, and doughnuts. Works for me well enough.

Sean S
06-20-2010, 04:51 PM
Gatorade, G2 (low calorie gatorade), pedialyte (if I cut weight for the meet), water, RTD protein shakes, protein bars, nutrigrain bars, and sugar free energy drinks. I try to keep it pretty bland on meet day since my stomach is often in knots. No high fat stuff for me. I usually try to have breakfast with something like oatmeal or bagels and some eggs.

george okunev
06-20-2010, 05:05 PM
I try to cram as much energy in as i can. I am lucky that I havent had to cut huge weight for a meet But after the weigh in, I try to get up to my training weight and eat as much carbs and callories as i can. Lots of salt and electrolites, I by packets from a chemist and consume 4 days worth in less than 48 hours. I do stop eating 2 hours before the meet to make sure I dont get sick and dont have to spend too long on the toilet during a meet.

06-20-2010, 05:29 PM
I've learned the hard way from blood sugar fluctuations that I don't eat anything different from any other day.... breakfast is protein shake and oatmeal, graham crackers to snack on if blood sugar starts to drop, mid morning is protein shake, lunch is 2-3 chicken breast sandwiches, mid afternoon is protein shake. blood sugars are checked when starting to warm up for a flight, midway through warmup, then before and after each attempt.(I may do 25 or more blood glucose tests during one meet---I try to keep things as tight as I possibly can) If levels are dropping, I'll drink gatorade or eat something with simple sugars in it. This is something I worked out with the endocrinologist and it seems to work well. I try not to change insulin injections relative to food too much or at all, because that can really end up messing me up. I've made the mistake of havinng a blood sugar in the low 200's at a meet, trying to adjust things with some extra insulin and then divebombing blood sugars. Its better to plan everything out ahead of time and keep blood sugar levels consistent.

06-20-2010, 05:34 PM
I got a 2 hour weighin and I'm usually cutting water so I typically do a gallon jug of half-diluted gatorade with creatine in it along with a few salt tablets as soon as I get off the scale. I'll eat pretzels and peanut butter/honey sandwiches. Both are easy on the stomach. As I'm warming up for each lift, I'll do a waxy maize drink and have water and some candy during attempts. USAPL meets are usually fast so I try to get foods in that won't bog me down, and I make sure I'm hydrated.

06-20-2010, 06:21 PM
This is Shelby's take on it http://articles.elitefts.com/articles/nutrition/meet-day-eats/

I always try and pack food and shakes for meet day. I don't like eating the crap food usually at a meet. Nor do I like someone running out for fast food. I used to have things like pasta, a sandwich, a few bagels with cream cheese, and pretzels in my cooler. I also keep a carb and protein drink and the 50/50 Gatorade/Water mix.

I actually think I am going to try and do a video diary of my the cutting, and reloading process.

scott rowe
06-20-2010, 06:34 PM
come on guys all you can eat ihop is the best. thats what i do.

Brian Hopper
06-20-2010, 07:37 PM
come on guys all you can eat ihop is the best. thats what i do.

Haha, Hell yeah IHOP and Denny's are the best before a meet. That's probably the most I will eat on meet day. Usually during the meet, I'll eat some protein bars, maybe some bananas, Oats & Honey granola bars, and drink water or Gatorade. I might drink a Monster energy drink between lifts, or just one for my squat and bench and then one more before I pull. I usually get pretty nervous and my nerves won't let me eat much.