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06-24-2010, 03:29 AM
Hi guys, I know this kind of thread comes up fairly often but I was wondering if I could get some input in regards to cutting around 10/11lbs for a meet next week.

My plan is to cut down to the 220lbs class to lift in the GPC Europeans in Limerick, Ireland and is as follows...

Sunday, begin water loading w/ 2 gallons of water, heavily salt food and protein shakes etc.

Monday, bump water up to 3 gallons, still plenty of salt.

Tuesday, 3 gallons of water, cut out salt and carbs from mid-day.

Wednesday, 2 gallons of water, no carbs at all and four hour dive to meet in the afternoon, cut out water around mid afternoon?

Thursday, weigh in at 9am, reconstitute with electrolyte mix, plenty of water, carbs and salty foods, aim to get back up over 230lbs.

Friday, lift and try not to bomb!

A lot of this is new to me so input is much appreciated!

Mike Gibson

06-24-2010, 07:31 AM
I've done something very similar to that but only 2 gallons of water....it was tough getting 2 gallons down, not sure how you would feel with 3....and on that last day (Wednesday for you) try to get a gallon down prior to noon...then cut out water, monitor weight...can also do hot bath, sauna...there are quite a few on here that do this very well...look up Powerdoc...he goes from over 200 down to 181 then hydrates back overnight to 206+