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06-29-2010, 10:37 PM

Alright, I finally got a form video put together for my friend and I today. Gotta say, it's weird watching myself lift.

Anyways, details on the video:
- I'm 6'1", the dude in the grey shirt. I've got a huge torso, shorter arms and legs. Been getting back into the gym after basketball season, so form is a bit rusty. My deadlift feels pretty off at the moment, and I'm not sure if I'm rounding too much at the bottom of my squat, so any input on what I've got to fix for those lifts is very welcome.
- My friend is 6'5", guy in the black shirt. He's pretty much got the opposite build from me, super long arms and legs with a short torso. He's just started going to the gym, so I'm working on teaching him proper form for the Big Three, and I figured everyone here would be able to help out as well.

That about sums it all up, any advice or criticisms on our lifts is great. Better to fix it now than keep practicing bad habits!

PS: Apologies for the horrible video quality. It looked fine filming it with my video camera, but I should have chosen a higher upload quality for it on youtube. Lesson learned for next time :p

Mad Max
06-30-2010, 09:25 AM
Your form on squats looks excellent. Your long torso means you are well suited for going deep in squats, which you do.

Your deadlift form is ok. You seem to jolt a little at the lockout though. Wouldn't worry about fine tuning your form at this stage, as you deadlift safe, just get bigger and stronger.

Your friend's squat needs a lot of work. In my opinion, when someone's form is that bad (no offense), back squats aren't the best way to go initially.
Try box goblet squats from a comfortable height (which may be above parallel-use aerobic steppers and plates or whatever your gym has). Progress till he can box squat from at least parallel, with a reasonably upright torso. Then try him on light front squats with an oly bar from a box. Then light back squats from a box. Then regular back squats.
Also try and get him to do body weight squats every day, again from a box if he struggles with form, which he probably will. Using some heel elevation might help as well.
Get him to do glute activation stuff (google it if you don't know what I mean). Just a few sets of glute bridges and static glute squeezes every day.
Lastly, get him to stretch his hip flexors as much as possible. Basically get into a long stride lunge position till you feel a stretch in the hip flexors, hold for a minute or so.

His deadlift seems ok, but he may want to try rack pulls from higher up, and progress down to the floor.

Hope that helps.

06-30-2010, 04:25 PM
Thanks! That's actually really helpful. I taught myself how to squat, but I'm finding out it's quite a bit trickier to teach someone else. I'll get my friend started on that progression next time we work out.

Also, I do know what you mean by glute activation and stretching. We've been doing a little bit of stretching post-workout (dynamic warm-up before), but I'll send him the stuff on glute activation and some more stretching to start on.