View Full Version : 47 kilo/ 103 lbs incline dumbbell press (16 years old)

07-10-2010, 03:38 PM
Here's a vid of me incline pressing 47 kilo/ 103 lbs dumbbells: the dumbbells are in kilos, there are 8 5 kg plates, and 2 2.5 kg plates, which is 45 kg, plus the weight of the handle which is 2 kilos, so the dumbbells weigh 47 kg in total, which is 103 lbs.

BTW, this video was shot on monday, I pressed the weight for 5 reps, but the vid, which was taken with a crappy cell phone, ended after only 3 reps.


Again, sorry for the crappy quality, but I posted this because some people were not beleiving that I was repping this weight at 16 years old on incline.