View Full Version : 2010 UPA Indiana State Powerlifting Championships Exciting NEWS!

Bryan Hoffman
07-17-2010, 12:01 AM
U.P.A. Indiana & Hoffman’s Barbell is pleased to Announce, The 2010 Indiana State Powerlifting Championships will now be a 2011 U.P.A National Qualifying Meet! Hoffman’s Barbell has also decided the Best Lifter with the Highest Schwartz Formula total will receive a FULL Sponsorship to The 2011 U.P.A National paid for by Hoffman’s Barbell! Referral Program in place for this meet too, Earn money off your Entry Fees! Email for details. Application on http://www.upapower.com

EMAIL powerlifter600@hotmail.com for more details on our referral Program! Can you compete for FREE???

We have so many GREAT Sponsors for this meet Anderson Powerlifting, APT Pro Wrist Wraps, Inzer,Powerlifting Magazine USA, Animal Pak! These sponsors have given us some AWESOME prizes to give away! Hope to see you there!

Bryan Hoffman
Hoffman's Barbell
U.P.A. Indiana State Chairman