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08-17-2010, 12:16 PM
While at the gym today me and my lifting partner were told we should try out for the OKC Yard dawgs arena team by another person who is going to try out. The guy is 27 and said he has friends on the team (who he out preforms he was talking to us in between sets of 495 on the bench)

I was just wandering if anyone had any experience with try outs and any tips. I did find out since we are in college right now and are under 20 (at college under track scholarship) we cant try out until we 20, but I wanna up my training and really have set this as a goal for my self to at least give it my all at a try out and leave it all on the field whether i got what it takes or not.

I also wanted to see what everyone knew or though my stats would need to be or be around to actually make it. I may train a year or two before actually trying. (for a DB or any position you are familiar with)

Things they evaluate.:
40 Yard Dash
20 Yard Shuttle
225lbs Bench Press (# of reps)
Standing Broad Jump
L Cone Drill
Position Drills & 1 on 1ís

I have been power-lifting for three years and have been in three sports for about six years (wrestling,football,track) and I just got a track scholarship to throw for SCU in Oklahoma.

Personal stats:
180lb (started back bulking)

My PL stats are:
I do my 5X5 with 225 on bench (with only 6inch wrist wraps or tape)
DL max: 425 (standard decent belt and gloves)
Squat 350 (Belted) --- squat is improving a TON i had a knee injury in football and kinda been baby-ing it until track season rolled around.

08-28-2010, 08:58 PM
40 time is pretty relevant to DB. Strength yes, but not as much as speed. Your stats are pretty weak IMHO, your bench isn't too bad for someone your age, but squat kinda is. I've seen guys your weight do 405 for reps. I dunno how competitive this league is but at most universities here in Canada you woudnt play til 3rd year.

This is obviously all based on what you've told me. I have no idea how you read pass keys or anything like that.