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08-22-2010, 03:05 PM
Hi Guys,

Tell us the Injuries you got from working out and competing,

How you got those injuries

What did you do for the recovery

Lessons you learned.

This post will help some of us avoid those same mistakes.

Thanks :)

08-22-2010, 04:14 PM
Worst lifting injury I've had is my ego bombing in a few meets. Recovery...several hours of alcholol consumption. Lessons learned...Open lower.

08-22-2010, 09:43 PM
Worst lifting injury I've had is my ego bombing in a few meets. Recovery...several hours of alcholol consumption. Lessons learned...Open lower.

I've suffered that exact same injury Roger! LOL! Alcohol does seem to help!

Seriously, I've suffered rare few injuries actually related to my lifting over the 40 year span I've been training. My shoulder surgeries and knees surgeries have all been either from football (yes, after the leather helmut days!), or car wrecks. I mostly tried to train patiently within my own limits and not let my ego allow anyone to 'dare' me into lifts that I wasn't ready to do. I've seen so many guys get hurt because they let some idiot dare them into trying more than they'd trained to do. The key to not getting hurt is to train as hard as you can...not as hard as some jerk dare you to. That's the best advice I've got.

08-23-2010, 11:26 AM
Training? other than minor muscle strains here and there I sustained a partial left rotator cuff tear 18 years ago when I was a freshman in college doing behind the neck presses on a poorly designed bench . Tore (it was a partial tear too) ligaments in my right elbow 6 years ago doing over head triceps extensions with a little over 200 lbs. I had had some stuff stolen and I was pretty pissed off about it when I went to the gym. I kept putting plates on the bar.

Other injuries? bilateral meniscal tears, partial ACL tears, torn lateral collateral ligament in my left knee, partial torn patellar tendon in my left knee, fractured left ankle, broken ribs, fractured bones in right foot (cow stepped on my foot), multiple finger fractures, subluxation of left shoulder, torn left calf, too many stitches to count, displaced vertebra in my upper back, The list goes on...

The bottom line on what I've learned: I think its WAAAAAAAYYYYY safer to be under a heavy barbell in the gym than it is to walk across a parking lot (thats what broke my ankle) or down stairs (thats how I tore my calf). I don't worry about the weight room at all.

08-23-2010, 12:59 PM
I've had 2 injuries lifting. I would call one moderate and one serious. I tore my groin in the belly of the muscle last year while squatting. The cause would be from trying to dip the bottom of the lift with a wide stance. A month of rest, some treatments, a more cautious approach, and everything came back to normal along with a PR at Seniors about 2 months after the injury. In 2004, I broke both bones in my left arm benching. This was caused from holding the bar too high in my hand allowing my wrist to bend too far backwards. I had 2 plates and 12 screws put in to line everything back up. The recovery time was 12 weeks until I could bench again, but it took about a year and a half before I wasn't scared while benching heavy.
Listen to your training partners if they tell you something doesn't look right, listen to your body when something doesn't feel right, and try do what you can to prevent future injury. However, if you are going to push yourself to the limits of what your body can hold, you just have to accept that injuries can be an unfortunate part of the process.

08-23-2010, 01:18 PM
Tore my pec clean off the bone and had it reattached. Many reasons for this.

But the big ones are
- neglected everything else for bench, since i was going to nationals for it and i was super busy with life. So when things got cut from workouts, it was never bench.
- didnt listen to my body when my shoulders started killing after heavy sets.
- got my bench up to fast, raw went up probably over 200 lbs in 2 years.

Yeah, so i am only in the beginning recovery stages now. So far its giong very well as my mobility/ flexibility is almost 100%.

09-13-2010, 11:01 PM
Anyone else :)

09-14-2010, 05:33 AM
Two ruptured discs in my back.
Completely ruptured bicep tendon.
Partially tore the other bicep.

I have had plenty of small nagging stuff, but those were the only injuries that required medical attention.

09-14-2010, 08:21 AM
Torn labrum and ligament damage in my elbow.

09-14-2010, 12:01 PM
what: partial labrum tear
how: lifting 405 raw out of a bench rack by myself
lesson: don't lift heavy raw

what: tore groin muscle away from pelvis
how: 495 raw box squat, ripped coming right off the box, too much rest time before the fateful set
lesson: don't lift heavy raw

09-14-2010, 12:33 PM
Torn Bicep Tendon

Split tear down middle of tendon at incertion at the shoulder.

During the tear I also seperated my A.C joint.

Done doing 405 on the bench on the 10th rep. I was on a ****ty hammer strength bench. Those benches are a accident waiting to happen. They are narrow as hell and very low to the ground. Stay clear!!!!!!!!!!!

I rehabbed this thing forever. I had 3 Cortizone shots. One in the A.C Joint. One directly in the tendon. And one in the Rotator area.

I tried all the typical rehab type movements for the shoulder. The only thing that really helped was finally realizing rest was the only thing that would help. I took off for 7 straight weeks without touching a weight. It sucked. Once I came back I found that Indian clubs were the only tool that got my mobility back and allow me to train again. It will be a year this week ( September 17th) and I still have pain and my mobility is only around 85%.

So I guess Im not healed as of yet, But I can atleast train normally again.

Any one with a SHoulder injury must look into indian clubs. They work.

09-14-2010, 04:16 PM
2005 - Torn Rotator Cuff & Torn Labrum. I had surgery in 2005 to repair the rotator cuff and labrum. My surgeon also ground down about a centimeter off of my collar bone to ease pain from bone rubbing on bone. I'm not exactly sure when the injury occurred. It just seemed to get worse over a period of 5-6 months.
After 6 months of rehab and a subsequent 6 months of training, my bench was actually 10 lbs higher then before the injury.

August 14, 2010 - complete rupture of my left pectoralis major while benching in a meet in Vegas. I felt and saw the pec tear as I was bringing the bar down to my chest. I was about 2 inches off of my chest when it tore. I had surgery on August 27, 2010. Today was my first day of rehab. No benching for at least 6 months. Hopefully rehab will go as well for me as my rotator cuff.

09-14-2010, 05:34 PM
Two ruptured discs in my back.
Completely ruptured bicep tendon.
Partially tore the other bicep.

I have had plenty of small nagging stuff, but those were the only injuries that required medical attention.

To Mr. Vdizenzo

What important lessons you learned from those injuries sir ?

09-15-2010, 09:29 PM
I have had a total of 4 injuries in my entire life...i'll start with number 1

#1 .. A few years ago back when i was still in highschool, i did a full power meet and on my last deadlift attempt with 672lbs, at the very top when i locked out i felt something pop in my clavical...and when i put the weight down i had a very sharp pain in and around my collar bone... i have no idea what it was because i never got it checked out...and eventually after about 6 weeks there was no more pain and ever since then i've never had any pain deadlifting...i have heard of other guys having the same injury where they popped something in there clavical deadlifting but still not exactly sure what it was.

#2 & 3 ... I have tore my hamstring twice...and not only was it the same tare...but it was the exact same injury on the exact same hamstring. The first time i tore it, was last summer, and i was doing dead stop reps with 705lbs on deadlifts and on the 3rd rep when i started to pull i felt it tare, but it was much lower like towards the very bottom of my leg...this injury took maybe 8 weeks to heal and i was pulling up over 750 again...and also had an all time PR in a meet with 800lbs. All i did for rehab was went up each week on pulls starting with 135 and doing sets of 10 up to 3 plates by the 3rd week and then did a bunch of hamstring curls. Now i think i rushed back into the heavy stuff too fast...because i tore it a 2nd time in competition trying a new PR with 810lbs and as soon as i got the weight moving off the floor i felt it tare up at the top, a few inches under my ass and this tare was MUCH worse than my first tare. It has taken me up until about 2 months ago (2nd injury was on december 12th) to finally get back up to where i used to be, and with confidence too. Rehab work was just a lot of light pulls, stiff legged pulls and reverese leg curls....and eventually getting back into the heavier pulls a few months later to try and get my confidence back. It was a good 3 months before i pulled 700lbs again from my 2nd hamstring injury.

#4... i tore my pec exactly 10 weeks ago today doing a backdown set with 440lbs after hitting a paused PR with 525lbs....on the 5th rep my right pec tore as soon as i went to push but it wasn't a very bad tare, but enough to set me back all this time. For rehab work i started out doing lots of light dumbell work for 1 month straight, i didn't even touch a straight bar at all on benching. I also did a lot of incline work and pec flys every single week, and when i felt like i could handle more, i would do more weight the week after. All of the reps were very slow reps, about a 2-3 second count on the way down, but regular speed on the way up to really get blood in there and get all my stablizer muscles working good and to get a good pump. I think this helped out my pec the best with doing dumbells because now it feels great again.

09-22-2010, 07:10 AM
Just from training: tore my left trap doing cleans about 2 years ago, both sides of my groin simultaneously missing a wide stance raw squat and deciding to ride it down to the safety bars (then remembering... oh yeah... didn't set those up) 3 days after my 18th birthday, re-tore right side of my groin doing raw sumo pulls back in january, popped my pec 2 weeks out from a meet in december when my shirt blew while taking my opener, and dislocated my left shoulder about 2 months ago when the bar slipped off my back doing good mornings.

from football: tore right mcl/pcl x2, tore both menisci, 6 or 7 separations or dislocations between my two shoulders, dislocated both thumbs atleast once, slipped 2 disks (C7 and L2, one in 10th grade the other the summer between highschool and university), 8 concussions, and thats what i can remember right now :P

09-22-2010, 08:13 AM

After reading all these injuries, its a shame we arent good at anything else. This sport is brutal LOL.

09-23-2010, 12:38 AM
torn right pec in december 2005 on 3rd rep with a raw 405 bench, after 5 years I'm finally getting back to that weight.. 8 weeks no benching, curling or overhead pressing

torn left RC on 10th rep of seated BTN presses w/ 185, 6 months of doing nothing with that arm

heavy strain right pec march 2009 w/ 120lb DB incline bench, 6 weeks very light benching, no curling, light shoulders

damage to left RC again using a flat rake to grade my yard in nov 2009, no overhead pressing for 3 months

strained left RC again flipping a caber in may 2010, no overhead pressing for 3 months

torn right hamstring running 40yrd dash, time = 5.4sec including blown hammy, this was in november 2009, reinjured it 5 more times over the next 4 months.. stopped all leg movement for 4 weeks, then started back up @ 95lbs and gradually increased over the next 5 months

last week pulled right groin practicing shotput spins, feeling amazingly better already, probably my least serious out of my injuries..

i've been very fortunate to not need surgery for any of my injuries, they've all been level 1 and 2 tears but nothing terribly serious.. as I get older, I've learned that you can never have too many warmups, always foam roll and stretch and recovery is key..

09-23-2010, 05:30 PM
no serious injuries yet, nothing requiring a doctor

messed up my lower back doing deadlifts when i was first learning and wasnt paying attention on a warmup

hip strain

nagging shoulder injuries

bicep tendinitis from back squatting

other than that ive been good

09-24-2010, 09:46 AM
Lower back in 09, L5 it was pretty painful sciatica referred pain the whole deal still not 100% but out of the pain and back to serious upper body training and bw unilateral lower body exercises. Lesson learned: have good form and don't let your ego lead you on. I also strained my right pec twice that year along with my groin hip flexor and a int or ext hip rotators along with banging up my shoulder big time from the pec strains. All on my right side.

10-01-2011, 07:03 PM
I did a barbell squat and the bar hit the top of my spine, at the base of the neck. The bone area is now tender to touch, the area around feels tight, and I am now unable to do any medium levelw aist-upwards weight-training without feeling any discomfort. I did the injury 2 weeks ago but still carried on as I thought it was the injury known as 'computer neck' (obtained via work) but now know it to be a spinal/base of the neck injury instead. The following week did not work out until the end of the week and was only meant to do legs i.e. leg curl and leg extension but I succumbed to trying some upper body work, to see if I could work around this injury. Anything that primarily strained the neck such as hammer curls, rows, machine flys aggravated the injury but I found that I could do the rest, although with only 60% of my heaviest weight and only 2 work sets.

Should I carry on doing weights around this injury at 60% of my max weights, or try to get back to my max weights. Or should I not do any above waist-level weight training? Or should I just do legs, which gave me no discomfort. Or should I not do weights period until my neck injury goes. And lastly, are there any exercises or stretches I should do?

Over to anybody!

10-02-2011, 06:17 AM
Last week: Minor rotator cuff impingement during ME bench press session. Standard rehab going well. Looks like a quicky.
Last spring: Pulled groing sprinting. Rested for two weeks, started stretching and doing mobility work. Within a month, was able to work my way up on the adductor machine and start squatting again. Started sprinting again after two months.

Have had both injuries before. This time, both were the result of abandoning what I know is the safe route -- taking nine days to complete a four day mesocycle -- to accomodate much younger training partners, who finish in six. With the shoulder, I was also trying to progress too quickly, so I could meet my goal for a meet.

Otherwise, just the usual minor tendonitis and back strain that goes along with the territory.

10-03-2011, 10:57 AM
Rotator cuff injuries about four to the left shoulder and about five on the right from doing partial OHP and then re-injuring them again while benching on a 'paramount' bench machine with an un-natural groove. Steroid injections healed them right up.

A hernia from warming up on barbell hack squats, but continued with deadlifting for six months until the surgery.

Most recently injured both elbows resulting in severe tendinitis probably from maxing out for reps on a 'Paramount' Seated Triceps Extension machine and probably from too many close grip decline Bench presses. Hard to tell what caused it since symtoms take time to develope. Pain started up about two/ three months ago with little or no change. Not much luck with these machines.

In order to heal the elbow tendonitis I have chosen to layoff certain exercises which aggrevate said area i.e. straight bar benching, curls, pull-ups, bent rows, power cleans, Wrist Curls, and anything else that may aggrevate the elbows. Exercises that don't bother my elbows are Weighted Dips, Dumbell Flat Bench Pressing, Standing OHP, Seated Chest Supported Rows, Squats and a few others. I will continue doing any exercise that does not aggrevate the elbows in order to stimulate bloodflow into the area and maintain some semblance of strength. I will also try consulting with a Orthopaedic doctor
in the near future.

Most of my injuries were a result of doing something stupid or doing something that I knew I shouldn't be doing, but did anyway. I am learning from mistakes and trying to be more aware of what the heck I'm doing during my training.

UKPUNK: Personaly I'd probably stop training for a couple weeks and see if the pain subsides or else I'd try to train around the injury without causing any noticible pain, thats if it wasn't a serious injury, or ask an MD for an opinion if it did seem serious.