View Full Version : I gained weight by going OFF of fast food.

09-08-2010, 12:12 PM
Just thought id throw this out there...

I was stuck at between 221-223 for like a whole damn year. I always weigh myself in the morning with just underwear on for consistency. My diet was utter ****.....chick fil a for breakfast, 2 double cheeseburgers and fries for lunch, and probably fast food again for dinner with protein shakes thrown in between. I thought it was the right approach because I am a hard gainer by nature. In highschool I was only 165 pounds at 6'5" and my weight in college peaked at only 185.

Well I decided 6 weeks ago or so (can't remember the exact time frame) to stop fast food. I mean I still ate the occasional burger but it was more like once a week instead of every day.

I switched my breakfast to an opticen shake with 16 ounces of milk, 5g of creatine, and 5g of beta alanine, every day. For lunch, I just make two PB&J's on wheat bread. For dinner, I have been eating either rice and 3 chicken breasts or rice and a half pound of ground beef, both with shredded cheese. Before bed, I either drink a tall glass of milk or another PB&J or both. Sometimes, If that is still not enough to satisfy my appetite, I will drink 16oz of milk with 1 scoop of nitrean thrown in. This happens maybe twice a week.

For the last week I have been consistently 227-228 in the morning but this morning I weighed a record 229.8. I was real happy with that because I am not stuffing my face until I puke and I am still managing to gain weight.

Still not the healthiest approach possible, but it is certainly healthier than eating fast food all day. I feel a whole lot better too. My lifts have really soared too. I feel 315 bench and 400 squat are right around the corner now. On top of all this, I have saved the most money I have since I moved into my house last February.