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Jake Impastato
09-12-2010, 11:25 AM
Some big things were happening yesterday at the Clash. To start your overall winners were Jamie McDougal best LWT, Beau Moore best HWT and Ashton Chatelain best Female. Your winners were Kimmy Trowbridge in the LWT's, Vannesa Gale in the MWT's and Ashton Chatelain in the HWT's. In the men's 148 class Doc Holloway 1st place. The 165's Jamie McDougal 1st place. The 181's reining champion Romell Brown took 1st again. The 198's went to the "Hybrid" DaMon Mayers! The 220's went to Jesse Kellum along with a new world record raw squat no knee wraps of 730 lbs to surpass the former world record of 727 held by a lifter from the Ukraine! Jesse also weighed in at 212lbs. In the 242's it was Shae Jones all the way. In the 275's Brandon Cox took the 1st place honors. Last but not least Beau Moore won the SHW to outlift the likes of Billy "TANK" Tutko and strongman competitor Vincent Urbank! Beau took home $3750 for his efforts! I will put up more numbers later. Thank you to all the competitors for making this such a great event!

09-12-2010, 02:45 PM
Congrats to everyone! Way to go Beau and Jesse!

Jake Impastato
09-12-2010, 03:56 PM

Women Lifters Earnings Weight Total

LWT Kimberle Trowbridge $600.00 585lbs

MWT Vanessa Gale $350.00 640lbs

HWT Ashton Chatelain $1100.00 1020lbs

Men Lifters

132lbs Shaquille Cruthirds $ 500.00 890lbs

148lbs Doc Holloway $ 500.00 1315lbs

165lbs Jamie McDougal $2500.00 1515lbs

181lbs Romell Brown $ 500.00 1455lbs

198lbs DaMon Mayers $ 500.00 1545lbs

220lbs Jesse Kellum $ 500.00 1865lbs

242lbs Shae Jones $ 500.00 1850lbs

275lbs Brandon Cox $ 500.00 1700lbs

SHW Beau Moore $3750.00 2105lbs

Best Master

Bill Beekley $ 250.00 1220lbs

Best Formula Bencher

Phillip Brewer $ 500.00 465lbs

09-12-2010, 04:23 PM
good job everyone