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09-26-2010, 07:41 PM
I completed my first 12 weeks with HCT about a month ago and the gains and overall routine has exceed my expectations that I plan to follow it until the end of the year. In a nut shell:

- I lost 10 pounds (started at 210)
- BF went down 5% to 15%
- Went from never doing squats or deadlifts to doing 105x6 front squats and 245x6 hook grip deadlifts
- I feel stronger and look better then I ever have!

It took me awhile to get dialed in which is why my squat numbers aren't high but this second time I'll be doing a clean bulk to 230 and then cut back down to 180. I'll be doing light cardio for warm-ups but nothing extreme. Here are my stats/goals this time around in detail;


Sex - Male
Age - 22
Starting Weight - 200
BF% - 15

Goals - CLEAN Bulk to 230 then cut down to 180 by the end of January. Hit BW squats and Bench and hit a 350 deadlift hook grip.


I'll be doing the 4 day program with a separate abs workout on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I'll be doing Front Squats, Bench Press, Deadlifts, Seated Calf Press, Close Grip Bench Press, Overhead Press, Lat Pull Down, Ez-Bar Curls and Dumbbell Rows.


I'll be taking: ON Whey Gold Standard, Cyto Sport Cyto Gainer, Animal Pak, Universal Liver and GNC Creatine.

I'll start officially tomorrow on Monday. Keep you guys posted. Cheers!

09-27-2010, 11:13 PM
Day 1

Weigh-In = 206
Circut B, Warm-Up 10 Minutes

Front Squats: New PR! New = 110 Old = 105

65 x 6
85 x 6
95 x 6
110 x 6+2+2+2

Those last two reps were a bit ugly but I got them up. Cluster set always sucks.

Deadlft: PR = 245

135 x 6
185 x 6
250 x 4+2+2+2

I tend to get really worried that my back is rounding so I take an extra second to get my hips down and back arched which makes me lose momentum. I could have pulled 6 but I just get siked out.

Bicep Curl: PR = 80

60 x 6 FG
70 x 6 FG
80 x 6

I've thrown in the 90's for the cluster set so I can be able to do them on one full set of 6. Progress is slow but it's coming around. Good idea? Also FG = Fat Gripz training, go google it.

Seated Calf Press: New PR! New = 290 Old = 270

290 x 6+2+2+2

First day on the bulk. I feel sooo much better now when I work out compared to when I was cutting. I should have no problem hitting my goal weight of 230 by next month. This should help with my numbers as well.