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10-08-2010, 10:10 PM
Hello everyone. I am new to the site as well as new to all this in general, so excuse my newishness and lack of knowledge about everything! Love what i see thus far, you all have a great community Here's a quick breakdown of where I am at. I was at 220, but i was a flabby mess. I had a massive gut, love handles and my arms were small and pathetic (They still are but I'm getting better, lmao). One day, about a year ago, I said enough and started a rigorous routine. Diet, CONSTANT CARDIO, weights, everything. It took me about 8 months to get to 180 and now I'm at 174.3 (just checked) and I've held that for another 5 months. I workout everyday and run constantly. My workouts are kind of all over the place, but I've just started to get pretty serious about staying on a tight routine. Anyways, thought I'd throw up some pics of where I'm at.

I don't go to the gym due to personal/health reasons, so I am forced to make due with what I have around the house and free weights. I REALLY need to get a bench though.

My main goal now is to shed the rest of my fat (ITS INSANELY HARD AT THIS POINT), so my abs will be more visable (I have them, they are tight, but the fat is in the way!) and gain some bulk to my chest. My Chest is my main point of focus, although I'm always working everything. Anyways, It feels good to be confident enough to post my pictures and I am constantly working on what you see:: My diet has been slipping a little lately, so my hopes is that I can stick to it again and cut down my extra flab.

Sorry of the myspaceness of the pics, as well as the bad poses.



This one is a little older, my arms are bigger now, but I liked how it came out.




So thats that. I'll be posting my progress, and Hopefully with my goals achieved!! I guess I'll put more pics up in a month or so. If anyone is curious as to what I eat, i could also post that, but I thought keeping a photo log would be good for now.



Push ups wide stance 20, 15, 15

Push ups Incline 3= 15, 10 10

Push ups Hands together below chest 3 = 15, 10, 10

Skull crushers + Standing press Mega-sets , 50lbs, 3= 20, 15, 15

Dips 3 = 15, 15, 10

Military press 100lbs, 3 10, 10, 10

Cardio = 5 1/2- 6 miles


Isolated bicept curls (3 sets each arm) 35lbs, 3 = 15, 15, 15

Bar Curls, 65-75lbs 3= 20, 15, 10

Reverse curls 65-75 lbs 3, 20, 15 , 15

Trunk lifts 3, 10

Leg lifts 3, 30-40

Crunches, 3 30-40

Cardio 51/2 - 6 miles

Thats the basic break down. Sometimes I do more though. I'm not sure the names of all the stuff I do, but theres a few more core work outs I do on the Second routine.

Anyways there it is, beginner at best I know, but I am constantly learning and improving.