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10-11-2010, 01:13 PM
So upon startup I noticed there was a progress section that other users helped give out tips and info on how to help people hit certain spots and gain a good and stable workout plan and diet. I have included a good amount of pictures cause I would really like to get some tips on how to tone and scultpt my body and gain mass in the correct areas. I don't want to be a body builder but I want a more ripped body, I want people to see me in maybe 2 months and be like wow, I am trying to get those types of results. Well I will give as much detail as possible cause I see you guys are really informed and the tips you give are great, oh, and I am kinda lost in the workout lingo, so if anyone gives tips, please try to make it as understandable as possible.

1st True Official Day

28 yrs old
6ft 2
202 lbs


Workout Equipment
300 LB Olympic Bench Press
Incline Bench
25 lb Dumbbell
Pull Up Bar (Wall Mount)


Workout Regimen
3-4x a week
140-150 lbs bench press with 10 reps at 5 sets
25 lb dumbbell eat arm- 10 reps at 5 sets
Incline bench- 75 reps at 4 sets
Leg Raise with Pull Up bar- 50 reps at 4 sets

10-11-2010, 01:24 PM
I recommend you read the stickies on this site. A good program should really revolve around compound movements. Squats, deadlifts, bench, press, etc. Also, you should set your mindset now for the long haul and don't except quick gains. People going in expecting quick gains are the ones who quickly give up. In the beginning, I would measure progress by your lifts, not necessarily what your body looks like. I put my wife on a squat and deadlift program and she was very skeptical at first (as most people are)....after 1 year she thanks me every day for the advice I gave her.

10-11-2010, 06:08 PM
join a gym

10-11-2010, 07:21 PM
be prepared to dedicate far more than 2 months for a "wow"

10-12-2010, 03:26 AM
be prepared to dedicate far more than 2 months for a "wow"

Agreed you for the right equipment but 2 months is not even close to enough time.