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10-20-2010, 07:45 AM
Gday fellas, I'm new here, I was sent across by an Aussie powerlifter who thought some of you guys may be interested.

I have a ProRaw Powerlifting competition in Australia around the end of January. I have held comps in my gym before, but they have got too big, so I'm branching out.

Anyway, it a raw comp with belt, wrist and knee wraps. In the past I';ve not allowed knee wraps, but some of the big boys back home expressed how much they loved them. Squatting 300kg raw does their knees no favour.

Anyway, the reason I started ProRaw was to introduce some competition back into PL. Here is Oz we dont get too many lifters in each weight class. I recently returned from Idaho where I was at the WPC Raw Worlds, same thing there. It was a great comp but it lacked competition in the classes.

With so many weight and age divisions, PL is diluted, especially in Australia.

So ProRaw has 4 classes, no age divisions

80kg - 95kg - 105kg - 105kg +

Thats it. Currently the prize money is $1000 for each weight class. I have a few sponsors who help out with my gym and I'm chasing more, so the prizemoney could double.

Anyway, I know its a long way to come, but if any of you are planning a holiday, this may work in well.

Now I dont know if there are any big name PL on here, but if there is and youre interested in coming, I will organize a seminar for you in my gym with all proceeds going to you. I could get 50-100 to attend,

This will serve 2 purposes. Big names attract big sponsors and it will definitely attract more spectators and competitors. All this will push the purse up.

The comp will be held in Frankston, Victoria. Its real hot in January, and its a beach side suburb.

For more information email me at


12-18-2010, 06:21 AM
Current entry list, around 15 more joining on Tuesday

ProRaw Powerlifting Members

#00 - Nick Rankin - Vic
#1 - Jeremy Lewis - Canberra
#2 - Michael Mitchell - Qld
#3 - Graeme Cross - Vic
#4 - Alen Pezerovic - Vic
#5 - Sean Gallagher - Vic
#6 - Michael Brook - Qld
#7 - Mitch Munro - NT
#8 - Paul Rucci - WA
#9 - Gawain Johnstone - Vic
#10 - Max Markopoulos - Vic
#11 - Luke Russell - Vic
#12 - Jack Pollard - Vic
#13 - Blake Hanson - Canberra
#14 - Sussy Kollen - Vic
#15 - Johnathon Nichols - Vic
#16 - Stephen Ramsey - WA
#17 - James Thompson - Vic
#18 - Alex Fergus - NSW
#20 - Gareth Anderson - Vic
#23 - Nathan Jones - Canberra
#28 - Ann Riley - Vic
#56 - Tudor Sava - Vic
#86 - Ronnie Chau - Vic

01-18-2011, 07:43 PM
quick update on ProRaw One for those with any interest

So far 35 people entered with two weeks to go...

personally I'll be lifting in the 242's and have my openers set at 630/375/630

the meet will be streamed live at http://www.justin.tv/proraw/b/275548959

01-18-2011, 09:15 PM
Awesome job, good luck.