View Full Version : Popping in knee during squats.

Morgan McPherson
10-29-2010, 01:52 PM
So for the last little while I have been doing the 531 program. I am not squatting as wide as I used to when I was training for powerlifting. It is more a modified width, not too narrow nor too wide. The big difference is that my knees are coming more forward that they used to. I moved a couple of months ago and had a very inconsistent squatting schedule for about a month. One day as I was easing back in I got a small "pop" right below my knee, not in it, on the shin while I was in the bottom of the squat. Today I squatted again and used knee wraps on my last set. On the second rep I got the same "pop", although it was only one. My knee joint just doesn't feel as strong as it used to. Any suggestions or possible injury diagnosis? It feels as though something is popping away from the bone. There is no pain whatsoever, more scary than anything. Ideas?