View Full Version : New split I want to try

11-04-2010, 04:23 PM
This program has worked for me before, however, this time I'm tweaking it a bit and not doing back on the same day I do pushing stuff.

Tues - heavy bench + assistance (alternate programs weekly. one week flat bench to floor press to flat bench backdown set to db incline then tri pushdowns. Other week is close grip bench incline bb bench and flat db bench)

Wed - heavy back work usually 3 exercises

Thurs - off

Fri - Light squat heavy dead or vice cersa (alternated each week) + leg assistance

Sat light bench and shoulder assistance

Now I don't know whether I should have a Sunday workout for back to get in some more pulling work since I am doing the light bench day or if I should just do some light pulling after the fri squat/deadlift workout


I want thought on training 3 days in a row (fri, sat, sun) even though two are light days.

btw, I don't like doing my pulling stuff on my heavy bench day because I just feel drained after the bench work and my back training is half assed at that point.