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Steve Colescott
11-06-2010, 05:51 PM
Rag on the Mags: Power Magazine Nov/Dec 2010
Review by Steve Colescott


As the sixth issue of Power hits the stands, it seems like the Mark Bell and crew may have turned the corner and convinced us all that they are here to stay. Since subscribers tend to step back and wait skeptically to be sure of the longevity of a new magazine venture (I know it ‘ain’t easy), I think it is now a safe bet for you to dust off your Visa card and drop $29 for a six issue/one year subscription.

The lead story, “War on Powerlifting” (pg 20) features a well-written piece on Shawn Frankl by Michele Atkinson. While his military background was interesting and a relevant part of his story, I felt like I had seen this before (I think in one of the Weider mags?). Perhaps they just got scooped? I’m a fan of the Big Iron crew and look forward to seeing them grow as a power in the sport.

We also get Zach Even-Esh sharing an MMA Power Training workout (pg 16) in his patented Underground style, Donnie Thompson sharing his bench techniques (pg 24), Matt Wenning discusses training for firefighting (pg 30), Mike Tuchscherer give a thought-provoking commentary (pg 42) on the fractured nature of PL, Rob Luyando talks about “How to Overcome Failure” (pg 36), and we get a short personal into to Tuchscherer in the “Get to Know…” feature (pg 54).

Among my favorite segments was the detailed nine-week rundown Karl Gillingham gives us in his “Incorporating Deadlift Training into Strongman Success (pg 50) article. Samson Gym’s Brian Carroll shares his techniques (pg 32) to drive his squat from 705 to 1,030 in just three years time (in the 220s)! Paul Southern tells us (pg 38) what happens when Crossfit meets Powerlifting. Since Louie Simmons is an official CF consultant and AtLarge Nutrition was a big Crossfit Games sponsor, this blend is not as unusual as some might think. My favorite article though was “One Strongman’s Journey” on page46. Dan Harrison really opens up by revealing the painful events he has had to overcome to get to where his current place in life. I found his story motivating.

All this said, I give the final issue of 2010 a “four out of five” rating, which is still quite good. There was just no article that stood out as a dynamic lead feature, as we had seen in past issues with the great Konstantinovs feature (June/July 2010) or Bobby Lashey (August/September 2010). While they have amassed a great crew of regular contributors, I think they need to seek out PL coaches with innovative training ideas (perhaps from European teams) to keep things fresh. I’d also like to see gritty and inspirational black-and-white training photos that do for powerlifting what the Dorian Yates dungeon training and classic Gold’s Gym bodybuilding photos did for bodybuilding.

My rating: