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11-20-2010, 10:57 PM
Just wanted to let you all know I'm gonna be running some small meets coming up soon. Start looking for them in PLUSA they will be sanctioned through the Exile Barbell Association. Exile will have a 3 judge panel so everything will be legit and to the books and count as a good lift that can make top 100s.

Exile Barbell Association "No Bull****" bench meets coming soon!!! No Bull**** means: no trophies, no medals, no placings, just a meet to hit the numbers you are chasing in your specific weight class for a cheap price. $20 meet entry fees and small meets so you are in and out in a couple hrs, 20 lifters tops.

The judging will be fair but will be strict
~ arms locked out at start (no soft handouts)
~ 1 second pause with a press command
~ once locked the command will be "Hold Hold Rack"
~ ass and shoulders must remain on bench at all times
~ one piece lifting suits will be required

Meets will be in a small venue in Celina Ohio. I have gotten lots of good feedback on this. In todays economic times it is a bitch to pay 60 70 80 or even a 100 bucks for an entry. So by eliminating all the bull**** it will be cheaper to lift. These will not be backyard Hillbilly meets they will be to the book and legit lifts.

11-29-2010, 08:21 PM
The meet Sunday January 16th has been canceled after a little brain storming session we decided to cancel it because of the potential problem of available parking. We have 3 acres of grass area at our facility that could be used as parking but if there is snow on the ground it takes that area away and with it being January the likelihood of there being snow on the ground is very high.

So the first EBA No Bull**** Bench Meet will be March 20th 2011 in Celina Ohio at Muscleheads Gym :)

Dates for first 3 EBA "No Bull****" Bench only meets at Muscleheads Gym in Celina Ohio are :
Sunday March 20th
Sunday May 22nd
Sunday July 17th